Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Katy Perry in a very interesting peacock dress....

Kate Hudson looking lovely in a white dress. Still want her to go back to blonde.

Jaimie Pressly and Melissa Joan Hart at the opening of Melissa's new candy store. I ran into Jaimie once at a party and her skin looked like plastic, so poreless and smooth! I wonder what foundation she uses.

Soliel Moon Frye, she's so cute and I loooove her long hair. Her daughter is adorable.

Ramona from The Real Housewives of NYC looking like she needs some chapstick on her dry lips. I want her to get a new hairdo, its time to cut it into something modern and flattering.

Pamela Anderson must have a closet of all white clothes, its the only color she ever wears!

Christy Turlington is gorgeous wearing very little makeup.

Kate Gosselin is everywhere these days! She even haunts me in my dreams. Long gone is her housefrau look, she now regularly tans, gets her nails done, highlights in her hair, exercises, got a tummy tuck and clearly a boob job too. When will she stop? And will the show soon be called Just Kate Plus Eight?

Anne Hathaway strolls through the city. I can't stand her shoes! They're like ugly Capezio dancering shoes from the 80's.

Look at cute Violet in the stroller! Jennifer Garner's nanny must be in charge of little Seraphina.

Once a hairdresser told me that I have hair like Heather Locklear! Thin and frizzy. Her and Michael J. Fox look great.