Friday, June 12, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

How would you feel dating one of Madonna's ex-boyfriends? You and I will never know what that's like. Kate Hudson on the other hand, is dating "A Rod" who dated Madge. Speaking of Madonna, her adoption for baby Mercy has finally been approved. See what money, lawyers and persistance can accomplish?

Kelly Ripa and daughter Lola. Cute mother and daughter! Kelly is so tiny, she's the incredible shrinking Ripa.

Reese Witherspoon's new fragrance for Avon, called In Bloom. Because Gyllenhaal would have been too much.

If there's a fine line between classy and trashy, Heather Graham is walking it!

Why is Gretchen Rossi (Real Housewives of OC) standing in front of my garage? Seriously, all that's missing is my husband's pile of college papers and text books.

Not that she isn't totally gorgeous now but Catherine Zeta Jones used to be beyond stunning.
I'm just not bowled over by her beauty anymore.

Cameron Diaz hasn't given into botox and peels and chemicals all over her face yet, has she? She looks pretty normal. Well, as normal as one can be as a Hollywood actress with an amazing body.

The Beckham tribe. Adorable boys, aren't they?

Its stunning how much Bette Midler's daughter looks like her clone! I mean, WOW!

I like Jessica Biel's outfit but does she have an Olsen twin in that oversized bag?

A makeover for Christina Aguilera would be washing the heavy makeup off her face. I'd love to see natural makeup and a darker hair color.


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