Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

The only thing I don't like about Matthew's baby mamas ensemble is the hair. Was this an Ogilvie home perm, perhaps? Other than that, the color of the dress is stunning with her skin tone.
Jessica Biel must be wearing a big bloated diaper, what othe reason for the saggy crotch?

Who shortened Jessica Simpson's retirement home inspired caftan? Aside from the too-short dress, you can't tell me those shoes are comfy to walk in. I think that comes with age, the desire to wear comfortable shoes.

Jennifter Aniston has gorgeous hair and skin. Her body is amazing too. Is it true she works out two hours a day?

A full body shot. I'm not doing a downward dog in excitement over the Jiffy Pop dress but kudos, or Kid-ooze as Ramona from Real Housewives of NY would say, to Jen on wearing something short and strapless.

There's something about Maggie Gyllenhaal..its not the fact that she looks a little like a Cabbage Patch Kid (I wanted one so badly back in the day. To get the birth certificate was the coolest!), its not that she will breast feed her daughter in public, she just has something about her that I kind of dig. Maybe its that she wears vividly red lipstick? Or that her brother is Jake?

I love how Sarah Jessica Parker's son always looks like he's wearing clothes dug from a bin at the Salvation Army. But let's focus on Matthew's weird facial hair! Those mutton chop side burns need to be shaved off pronto!

Please Shanna Moakler, enough with the heavy eyeliner! Are you planning on strolling the boulevard for lunch money? She's so naturally pretty, that pink, purple frosted makeup does her no favors.

If Megan Fox wore nipple covers, this outfit would be slightly more bearable.

One of my favorite celeb couples, Seal and Heidi. And we circle back to comfortable shoes. I've worn heels to many events and by the end of the night, I'm dying to get soft slippers on my tired, achy feet. I cannot imagine Heidi Klum, being pregnant especially, is feeling okay in those stilettos. My lower back is cramping up just looking at them. They are pretty cool.

Heather Locklear has always been and is still, gorgeous. But I can't figure out if she's had cheek implants or fat injections or what, beause I think she's had some work done. Botox is a given. At the gates of Beverly Hills, you are automatically given a vial full of it because wrinkles are not allowed in the 90210.

If I woke up looking like Gisele tomorrow morning, I'd be fine with that. Especially with her hair and body.

I like the color of the dress, not so much the design. Emily Deschanel (and sister Zooey) is so beautiful with killer bone structure.
I want to cut her sons hair but Cindy Crawford does have gorgeous kids. Her daughter is destined to be an actress or model, don't you think?
I gave up wearing shirts like this one back in 1997. But when your name is Britney Spears and you have a personal trainer, you have the abs to show off, right? Her hair is kind of a hot mess. I wonder how long her hair is now, without the extensions?


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