Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Looking good, Michelle Pfeiffer! If you compare her earlier photos, she's had a few nose jobs in her lifetime. Maybe subtle botox or fillers as well?

This is too, too much. Paris Hilton in Dubai where she's looking for her new BFF. Sort of "I Dream of Jeannie" coupled with Paula Abdul's jewelry collection plus Lawrence of Arabia.

Love Taylor Swift, love her pretty hair and makeup and although I'm not a country fan, I do like her music.
I'm on the fence about Scarlett Johannson. Sure she's cute and has a knock out figure but I don't pray to wake up in the morning looking like her. I do kind of wish I had her boobs. That, I'd pray for. I'd even light some candles and chant.

Does it make you feel any better about yourself to know that Reese Witherspoon wears Spanx under her skirt? I thought about wearing Spanx but I'm afraid once I start, I won't stop and then everytime I get dressed, I'll reach for the girdle. And I'm not ready for that kind of committment.

Megan Fox, pretty girl but kind of a grandma dress. Perhaps slightly better than the nipple baring gown she wore the other evening.

Oh my dear Lindsay Lohan. Please get healthy! Go retreat to an organic farm and get rest and hard work and build muscles and stamina. I want to see Lindsay healthy, not coked out and barely functioning. She makes me want to cry.

Kristin Bell has a cute figure. This is what the average woman can aspire to. Fit, not super skinny, healthy and most of all, normal!
I saw Kirsten Dunst up close at an event and she was super cute in person. Her skin was really smooth and pretty. She looks good here and I like her makeup, I love the peach shades and the golden tone of her hair. The dress is weird but I'm a fan of silver so Ill give her a pass.

I hate it when my pants drag on the ground but Jennifer Lopez doesn't seem to care. In fact, she probably just throws the dirty pants away at the end of the day. Thats how those Hollywood types roll. Disposable clothes.

Heidi Klum, I can't wait for the new Project Runway! Although she has a team of nannies and caregivers, I appreciate the fact that she's at least with her kids.

I'll take that ring, thank you. Cameron Diaz is my fashion twin, I like to say. I almost always love her clothes. Did you see her in this months Vogue? Her body is amazing. See what you can do when you don't have children but do have a personal trainer? You can focus on your body all day, everyday.

This is the lazy girls 'do. I see it all time and when I'm exercising, I do it too. Britney Spears looks cute but I'm not a fan of this coif out in public. Ponytail, bun or hat would work better.

Angelina Jolie giving the patented, "I'm better than you, prettier than you, richer than you and I do more charity work than you" hair toss.

Evan Rachel Wood is gorgeous! I'm going to have to ask Toby Fleischman is she did the makeup on Evan. Check out the eyes! Stunning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not loving Dunst's eye makeup.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dollfaces is my favourite feature on your blog! I love the pics & your comments.

I wish Cameron would cut her hair into a bob style like in "My best friend's wedding". She was so attractive in that movie. I think it would really freshen up her look.

7:46 PM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

Or at least get a trim!

6:19 PM  
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