Monday, June 01, 2009

Marilyn Monroe Photos Surface

When I was eight years old, I saw a tv movie about Marilyn Monroe. I became interested in the star and read every book, collected articles, bought paper dolls and started drawing and painting her. By the time I was about ten or eleven, I was an expert on the subject. A little weird for a kid to be enamored of a dead movie star but I had a crazy imagination and even at a young age showed an interest in Hollywood. I longed to see the Hollywood sign and drive around gazing at palm trees. Well, that dream did come true.

In highschool, every art project I created had something to do with Marilyn. In my yearbook, my art teacher wrote, "I'll miss you- and Marilyn too!" I think, like so many other people, I identified with her struggle to be accepted, to fit in, and be understood.

When I wrote my second novel, (the first is still available on, A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss) I revisited Marilyn. I decided to come full circle with the obsession and write a story involving her. When I failed to get an agent for the book, I took my manuscript and turned it into a screenplay. I always imagine who will end up playing her. My vote is Rachel McAdams.
I have a vivid imagination.

Reading my daily entertainment news this morning, I found an article about how these pictures were in the Life archives and very recently discovered. They were stored at a warehouse in New Jersey. I'm from New Jersey. Coincidence? I think not. The article can be found here.
Enjoy the pictures, wasn't she beautiful?



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