Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahh

I really, really get disgusted by unkempt feet. Is it too much to ask that all men, women and children keep their toenails cut? And it's not asking a lot to throw a little moisturizer on your heels while you're at it. After a shower, simple squirt some lotion in your hands and rub it on your feet. Nothing grosses me out more than, yes long toenails, but alligator heels. I witnessed a woman at the bagel shop kick off her shoes and prop her dirty, scaly, cloven hooves on a nearby chair. I dropped my bagel and vomited right there! Well, almost.

Ms. Pedicure has a GREAT kit. It includes all you need for decent feet. You don't have to have the glorious toes of a foot model but a couple rubs with the pumice stone, some exfoliating scrub and rich lotion will keep feet soft, the leg spray and massager will get circulation flowing. See, isn't that better now? Yes it is.

You can find all you need for both hands and feet at mspedicure. Look for The Foot Spahh for the kit above. I have one extra kit to pass out to a lucky reader so email me with PEDICURE in the subject line, include your address! Please refrain from telling me about your own feet. Thank you.



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