Monday, June 01, 2009

MTV Awards Fashion Wrap Up

The good news is: I love the dress and the shoes. Bad news: Miley Cyrus is too young to be dressing like this! This is a dress for me, a grown woman. Not a teenager. I would have dressed her in some kind of funky patterned dress and teased hair and added turquoise eyeliner which is very "in" right now. I do like her green nails, its the only thing young and funky about her.

Zac Efron looks a little bloated here. And his hair is messy. I wonder if he really does wear foundation and mascara?

The dress is all kinds of funky which I don't mind for an MTV event but the bare butt part of the dress is not my style. Leighton Meester is adorable though. She has the body to pull it off.

Vanessa Hudgens is adorable. Can't wait to see what kind of roles she choses next. Make good choices Vanessa! No more naked pictures please.

Can I wake up and have Sienna Miller's body? Her legs are amazing. Great outfit.

While not a traditional beauty, Rumer Willis has a fun personality and a joyfulness about her. I do wish she had done something with her hair though.

The girls of The Hills, I think. Never saw the show except on clips from The Soup. Pretty girls. I think Lauren Conrad is gorgeous. Check out their shoes. Hot stuff! My feet would be weeping in pain if I wore them.

Malin Ackerman, liked her in 27 Dresses. Nice suit, I hesistate to wear all white for many reasons. Mostly because I think I look heavy in all white. Black is slimming and white is...not. Unless you're a size 0 actress.

Great look, I love the hair, dress and especially the shoes! Ashley Tisdale looks fantastic. Did I mention the shoes? And her hair looks so healthy and silky. What's the secret?

Cute cute and cute. Anna Faris wearing one of the major trends of the season, the puffy skirt.

Here is my Holy Grail of celebrity sightings, Cameron Diaz. I've seen many celebrities both up close and from afar but she remains the one that I want to meet. She was at the Independent Spirit Film awards, as was I, and I missed her. Good thing, I'd probably blurt out something dumb and inappropriate. I've been known to do that.

Again, just in case one picture didn't do it for you.

Taraji P. Henson. Gorgeous woman but I'm not doing handstands for the dress. My mother in law has china with that pattern on it. I'll give her a high five for the hair and shoes.

Megan Fox, what kind of oil did you pour onto your hair? That slicked back style is not working for you. Or me.



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