Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Photos by Dollface

I love a good sunset.
San Diego Zoo, two weeks ago. There were a few elephants and they all showed respect to the "alpha" elephant, not eating until she had her food first. This gal needs a good moisturizer.

Last night we drove to the Wild Animal Park for a special celebration. I couldn't stop taking pictures. Its become my latest hobby.

Not from last night but this peacock was amazing! The fact that these colors are found in nature stuns me. I want to put this picture on a tee shirt.

The clouds over my house this morning. Before it thundered, rained, hailed, and before lightening crackled in the sky and sent my dog into the closet, freaking out and shaking.

Back to the Wild Animal Park. This looked like a path to nowhere.

You can take a ride in a balloon and get a view of the entire park. I didn't do this. I'd like to, but haven't yet.