Thursday, July 02, 2009

Beauté Cosmetics

The products from Beauté Cosmetics are so elegant, well made, beautiful...I could go on and on. I recently learned of this brand and am so excited to pass it along to you! Created by celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson, the line offers lip glosses, brushes and gel cheek stains that I have fallen in love with. More on that later.

What rang my glamour bell was the Beauté Cosmetics Luminous Volume Glosses . WOW is this ever creamy, not sticky yet offers such shine while gently plumping the lips. The gloss hydrates and polishes lips whether worn alone, over lipstick or a stain. Because I'm such a pink lip gloss fan, the colors available really speak to me.

The Liqui-Gel Stains also have unbeatable texture thanks to the gel like consistency. You can apply a few dots to your cheeks (or lips) and gently rub it into your skin for long lasting color. I was thrilled to see the shade of Neon, a bright orange that dries down to a pretty coral color. A little dot will do for each cheek, you don't need much and the color stays put. There are four different shades but I keep going back to Neon!

Makeup artists create the best products and these Brush Sets are clearly designed by an expert. Soft bristles with long handles, the brushes are luxurious. I can't believe I ever applied makeup using q-tips and cheap brushes. Please do yourself a favor an invest in a set of professional brushes. They won't fall apart, leave bristles on your cheeks, irritate your eyes.

A fantastic, lovely new brand you will want to keep your eye on. Take a look at Beauté Cosmetics, and go here. For makeup tips from Beau, click here.



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Anonymous Dollface said...

I see that Beauté now sell in the UK! I can't wait to try these for myself :)

They are here:

6:34 PM  

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