Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield

I'm not going to lie. I'm a little obsessed with my teeth. Maybe I've told you stories about how I would come home from being out late at night- sometimes even into the early morning- and I couldn't go to sleep unless I brushed and flossed. I feel guilty if I don't run some floss through my teeth in the evenings. My most frequent dreams are of losing my teeth. I wake up in a panic and have to make sure they are all in place.

With that being said, I love toothpaste and new, clean toothbrushes and rinsing with anything that will keep my teeth strong and healthy. Enter Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield. Let me give you the details about enamel loss:

Enamel loss can occur when acids from everyday food and beverages (like fruit, yogurt, salsa, orange juice and sports drinks) attack the tooth surface. Yikes. Once this happens, teeth become weak and susceptible to cavities (I was 21 when I got my first cavity- a bit of trivia for you) gingivitis, plaque, and many other oral ailments that you want to avoid.

I consume tons of fruit, salsa and yogurt plus I chew gum all the time. Good thing I'm brushing with the Pro-Health Enamel Shield! For more information, please go here. Take care of your teeth!


Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

I bet your dentist loves you!

I like to look up the meanings of my dreams, losing your teeth is a common one!

9:51 AM  
Blogger Joshua Sophy said...

Here is important information on Crest Pro-Health and its link to brown teeth stains:

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Noel said...

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