Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Is it me or does Lindsay Lohan

Er....those dogs sure are cute.

You can't see but Pamela Anderson is barefoot. I have nightmares where I've lost my shoes and have to walk around barefoot. I wouldn't voluntarily do it.

Has Mariah Carey had a lot of plastic surgery or what? She looks wayyyy different than in her Vision of Love days. She asked to look like Hello Kitty. Does she still call everyone "lamb"?

Luckily, Renee Zellweger kept her trench coat closed, avoiding an indecent exposure citation from the police.
Sarah Jessica, James Wilkie, Matthew and twins Tabitha and Marion. Those names sound as old as the guy from CountryTime Lemonade, remember him? And Orville Reddenbacher, the popcorn dude?

Nice family! Kelly Ripa surrounded by her men.

I'm not crazy about high heels and jean shorts but I doubt Katie Holmes cares about my fashion critiques. Her staight hair looks good. Is that a Brazilian treatment?

Kate Gosselin, her new boobs and her cute daughters. I don't know about you but I rarely dress up like Kate when I go to the store. That Winnie the Pooh tattoo really ruins her "elegant" look. Well,that and the hair.
Kate Beckinsdale is gorgeous! But her head looks HUGE.

Jessica Biel and her pit bull. Is it bad that I know the dogs name is Tina?

Janice Dickinson is...well, she, did you see the photos of Lindsay and Mischa?

Jennifer Garner looks cute and I like, no I LOVE, her shoes. Christian Louboutins!
PS I always think empire waists make people look pregnant.

Heidi Klum travels in a group: her mother, her children, and nannies for the dirty work.

Gisele Bunchen. What can I say? I covet her hair and body!

Isla Fisher's daughter Olive is her very own mini me!

Carmen's side shaved head really bothers me. Do you think she regrets it? She should have committed and went for the full blown "Gosselin".
I love everything except the red patch by Cameron's crotch!

They all look great but particularly Chloe's legs and Evan Rachel Wood's makeup!


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