Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MAC Naked Honey Collection

I wrote an entire piece on MAC Naked Honey, blogger had issues and my page and information disappeared! Don't you hate it when that happens? Anyway, here I go again! First up is the lipglass collection which I've been carrying around with me in my purse. The colors are:

She’s a Star - Light neutral gold
Queen Bee - Mid-tone apricot with pearl
Buzz - Dark copper brown with pearl

Blend them together, layer one on top of the other, wear them alone! I love these neutral shades. I wear Queen Bee on its own but layer a little of She's A Star over Buzz.

The highlight powder, or Poudre Lumiere, as I like to call it (with a French accent) has a honeycomb pattern embossed on it which reminds me of Honey Comb cereal. Using a dot of the powder is a beautiful way to add some shimmer to your cheeks. Especially over bronzer.
I know you'll want to but don't lick the Naked Honey Skin Salve! This is an all around moisturizer and skin nourisher for dry spots like lips, nail beds and cuticles.
I haven't tried these but know they are probably fantastic and smell sweet enough to eat.
Naked Honey Hand and Body Cream A sensuous cream made from bio-converted honey, shea butter, and vitamins C and E derivatives. Absorbs quickly for skin-softening moisture. Conditions, nourishes, protects.
Naked Honey Body Wash formulated from bio-converted honey, this body wash cleanses the skin while providing the soothing and moisturizing benefits of lavender, narcissus, jasmine flower and blue agave extracts.
Creations Fragrance: Naked Honey An aromatic journey that traces honey’s fragrant heart back to summer’s sweetest blooms. Energy starts to buzz, spirits soar, light floral and woodsy notes float toward an electric finale. Sweet and sexy all the way.
Creations Fragrance: Africanimal A scent that starts with a honey-ness that’s seductive and given its dash of pepper, not without spice. Add a dark kiss of bergamot and wood, and an aromatic orgy breaks out to create a scent that's all-honey, but far from sweet. (who wouldn't want to take place in an aromatic orgy?)

For more Naked Honey products plus even more MAC goodness, click here. And check out those new lipsticks and glosses in the Euristocrats 2 collection, I see so many beautiful colors, I can't see straight. Viva le MAC!



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