Thursday, July 16, 2009

New and wonderful products from Benefit

If you haven't taken a stroll through in a while, its time. There's all kinds of neat products, tools and tricks to beautify yourself. I had the opportunity to test a bunch of awesome products (thanks to Erin!) and it's been so much fun.

I love Posietint, the pink answer to the original Benetint. I love the pink color and topped off with Benetint lip balm, lips are shiny and protected with an SPF 15. Can't beat the combination for a natural look! BAD Gal Liner waterproof formula is a must have if you are into black liner like me. You don't have to go for the heroin chic look, a little Bad Gal smudged in the upper lash line defines eyes without going overboard. I personally love the "just pulled together" kind of look with the pink cheeks and black smudged liner.

Hello Flawless is a cover-up with SPF 15. You can use it with the enclosed sponge or brush. I prefer the brush because then I do end up with a flawless look. The sponge can be used as a spot cover up. For example, you've eaten too much chocolate and end up with a raging zit, a little Hello Flawless will come to your rescue. And yes, I speak from experience!

Another A+ product is Coralista! From the beginning of spring, I predicted (to myself) that coral would be a big color for the summer season. Coral is a shade that seems to be flattering on every skin tone. Coralista imparts a shimmer, light coral blush on your cheeks. Now I need the companion lip shade! hint hint, Benefit!

Automatic Lipliner Duo Pencil features a brush on one end, pencil on the other. You can use it as a base for lip color which is what I do. I think it extends the lipstick by creating something for the color to grab on to. Its so soft, great formula.

One Hot Minute is a loose powder in the shade of rose-gold. Talk about giving yourself a little glow. Since I don't tan, I use products like this to give my pale skin a bit of color. Smokin' Eyes takes the guess work out of trying to get the sexy smoky eyes of a supermodel. This is a tiny kit that holds what you need for perfectly made up eyes like teeny tweezers, eyeliner, a brush for eyebrows, an eye brightener and eye shadows. Comes in a mirrored compact. This is a product that can seriously do double, even triple beauty duty!

Velvet Eye Shadows come in several gorgeous sheer colors and are absolutely lightweight and soft as...well, velvet. They sweep onto your lids as light as a whisper and can be blended together or applied alone. One last product that I want to rave about is the Erase Paste. I gravitated towards this during my last trip to Sephora and walked out with it! After gently applying eye cream, I blend a little Erase Paste over my dark circles and I instantly look more awake! And younger! For all Benefit please go to their website. And check out one of my favorite scents ever, Maybe Baby.



Anonymous couture love said...

i LOVE posie tint!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always listen to you so will go right to the website! Waterproof eyeliner sounds great.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Lisa Blaise said...

Love the Benetint range - the best thing for red lips when you don't want a gloss or lipstick! That reminds me, I need a top up!

8:14 PM  

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