Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New from BareEscentuals. And you will love it.

While I liked Bare Minerals the first time around, delighting in the Mineral Veil powder, I felt a little sad that my appearance was ruined when my oily skin began to ruin an otherwise flawless look. I liked the Bare Minerals powders and strongly urged my friends to try them, especially those with sensitive skin. But the oil thing really bugged me.

Enter the Holy Grail of foundations. The new BareMinerals MATTE foundation with spf 15. OMG! Run out today and buy it. Do it now! BareMinerals MATTE gives light to medium coverage, lasts all day, covers up flaws, doesn't sink into pores and the best thing about it is, this foundation controls the flow of oil!

Enriched with pure RareMinerals Active Soil complex, this product aids in cell turn over and minimizes pores, is weightless on the skin and is free from chemicals. I use the brush pictured above. I don't use a lot and don't need to retouch. Its a miracle.

Also new from BareEscentuals is the Buxom Lips Big & Healthy Lipstick. Can be used as a liner, plumper and lipstick! Goes on with a pleasant, almost minty tingle and gently plumps the lips. My favorite is a pink shade called Las Vegas.

Equally awesome is the Buxom Inside Eyeliner. Go ahead and line the insides of those eyes without irritation! Won't smudge or budge. I line the upper inside lid, close to the eyelashes. It makes my eyelashes look thicker. I really get that Inside Eyeliner right up in the lashline!

These products will be available in August! Only two weeks away.

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