Saturday, August 01, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Angelina is back to her skinny self. Zahara seems to be all girl with Shiloh looks like a little tomboy. I want to see baby Vivienne!

Something about Scarlett Johansson doesn't look right. I think it's the makeup / hair color combination. Useless Saturday gossip: I heard that she was a little know-it-all on the set of The Horse Whisperer a few years ago. Co-star Robert Redford was not a fan of hers.

Tori Spelling has her hands in a billion projects from designing baby clothes to her TV show to book deals. And now...Q-Tips! I love love love her shoes. I bet they're Christian Louboutins.

Katherine Heigl will live on as Izzy on Grey's Anatomy. I'm headed to the movies to see The Ugly Truth tomorrow. I like her as a comedic actress.

Fear not- Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and twins are not flying commerical. They are about to board a private jet along with their nannies and assistants. Can you imagine flying something like SouthWest without a team of people to help with your kids? How gouche!

This is a girl named Taylor Momson and she's only fifteen years old. Maybe sixteen. She looks like she's already lived a hundred lives. Or lived as Courtney Love for a while. When I was that age, my mom was still dressing me in Geranimals.

Rihanna has perfect makeup, but a weird hairdo. Even if every one of my best gal pals decides to shave her head, I will refuse this trend. I won't shave my hair and I will not get a mullet.

Rebecca Gayheart looks cute, you know not everyone can pull off white jeans. I can't!

If I were to wear those high heeled sandals out for a day of shopping, I'd need a wheelchair by the end of the day. I guess Lauren Conrad is immune to blisters and achy feet.

Katie Price aka Jordan. Those boots make her look like a Clydesdale.

Eva Mendes is gorgeous in white with that pricey purse but the real star of the photo is the dude with the blue boxer shorts.

Love the hair, love the makeup. Claire Danes has eschewed the Hollywood ideal of being a tan and buxom actress and has stayed true to her natural beauty.

Cindy Crawford's daughter is a mini Cindy.

I'd like to be Jennifer's manager. I'd advise her NOT to pursue roles like a woman desperate for a baby or a movie called Puma's about middle aged ladies looking for younger guys. Both are currently filming and starring her. Ummm, I'm sure I'll end up seeing both movies.

Cate Blanchett, did you see how beautiful she was as a young woman in The Very Long Tale of Benjamin Button?

At least once a week I think about dying my hair this color! I am so anxious to see Julie & Julia starring Amy Adams in a wig.