Monday, August 03, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I love the casually dressed look of Victoria Beckham! Looking like a normal mom suits her. A normal mom with pointy nipples.

Love love love Rachel Zoe. Her face looks fuller and I wonder if she's had injectable fillers? I like that she's got her own style, doesn't have breast implants, and embraces her own uniqueness. You go girl!

Speaking of unique, what's up with that dress? And pantyhose? I used to take those L'eggs that came in plastic eggs and put the egg cups in my bra. I digress...I hope Mischa Barton can keep it together long enough to get healthy and as I tell my kids, make good choices. Choices that don't involve drugs. Just say no!

Someone who should just say no is Lindsay Lohan. Those shoes! I heard from a most reliable source that she is not a nice person in real life. I always wonder if celebs are nice people and most of the ones I've met seem to be quite pleasant. Not Lindz.

YES! on Kate Hudson's dress. NO! on her son's long hair.

Next to Phantom of the Opera, my favorite play is Guys and Dolls. Yes I have the Broadway cd..and I sing to it. Loudly and off key. I had no idea that Jessica Beil could crack a smile let along carry a tune but here she is starring in Guys and Dolls. **Must get tickets to see this play.**

Jennifer Garner doesn't have much style in her day to day life. Fashion isn't a priority. But when she heads to the Red Carpet, its Rachel Zoe who helps her get ready and then Jennifer looks amazing from head to toe.

Speaking of looking amazing..not! Is Courtney Love. I can't even find this what you consider a Hot Mess? What's wrong with her face? Its melting.

Is Britney pushing out (in the famous words of Whitney Houston) a doody bubble?

No, she's just transforming into a blonde. I wonder what her real hair looks like?

A+ Gorgeous! Blake Lively. I'd like to be renamed Blake, I love that name. I want to visit the Lukaro salon where she gets her hair done and have a makeover. If only I'd come out looking like her...


Anonymous Summer B. said...

DOODY BUBBLE?!? Hilarious!!! I think Ms.Beckham needs to give a pair of those huge sunglasses to her little man, so she doesn't blind him with her perky nips! Good grief, I'll never understand celebs. Neva-eva!

7:36 PM  
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