Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I want to see Lindsay Lohan gain fifteen pounds, bring her hair back to red and just get healthy. Everytime I see her, I need to be held and soothed. Scary.

Vanessa Hudgen's hair is styled in the Sumo Wrestler coif.

Every time I see a photo of Nicolette Sheridan in a bikini, I want to cry because she looks better than I do and she's years older. Then I remind myself she had a boob job and probably has a plastic surgeon, nutritionalist, personal trainer etc on standby. Not that her hard work has anything to do with that body...

Yeah, Jon Gosselin is tired of being blamed! I'm crying sad tears for him. At least his face doesn't look as red and bloated as it does on tv.

Cute kids, cute mom! I like Kelly Ripa's outfit.

Thank you Kelly Ripa. As a fellow member of the Small Boobs Club, I've considered implants but with a history of breast cancer in the family, I don't want to mess around. Hey, if A cups are good enough for gorgeous Kelly, they are fine for me.

That bikini is cute, Id like a tube of lipstick in that color. Katy Perry reminds me a little of Zooey Deschanel.

I'd wear that dress, the shoes and I want the hair. Jennifer Aniston is the picture of health and (somewhat) natural beauty!

Jen has had a nose job too. That makes us practically like twins! She is so drop dead gorgeous in person.

Two thumbs up to Demi and Ashton for remaining happily married. Rumer has a cool vibe about her, like a free spirit.
I don't know of anyone else who can pull off the short hair like Halle Berry!

I read something about Hillary Duff being told to drop some weight for her appearance on Gossip Girl. I think she looks just right, healthy and gorgeous!

Isn't this cover with Cate Blanchett so arty and cool?

True, Bryce Dallas Howard will be in New Moon. Everyone wants to be a part of the Twilight saga! I like the name Bryce. Why did my parents have to name me Cindy? ugh. I should be a Bryce or a Blake.

I imagine that Camilla and Matthew are totally down to earth and fun to be around. Please don't tell me any differently.


Blogger LissyLou said...

zooey and katy always remind me of each other and doesn't jen just look so gorgeous at the moment - loving her style!
I think small boobs are so much better tahn big or fake - clothes hang much better.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Connie said...

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5:18 PM  
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