Monday, August 31, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

When is Sarah Michelle due? I predict she's having a girl. I like her outfit but ouch! Those shoes can't be comfy!

Little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is a doll.

Not quite a doll, Paris Hilton.

I like Kristin Cavallari's dress. Very Grecian Toga.

I'm not thrilled with Jessica's ensemble. She can stand in for a BarberShop Quartet with that hat! It looks out of place against the green dress. I want defined arms but are Jessica's too much?

Kate Hudson wearing two fall trends- over the knee boots and see thru top. You won't find me wearing either. Well, not in public.

Is Rebecca Gayheart trying to make us think she's elegant and demure in that dress? Hey, we've all seen the tape (or pictures). Elegant and demure she's not!

Katherine Hiegl's face is glowing! Beautiful. But I don't get the bow in her hair?

See? I told you see-thru was a trend. And Lauren Conrad shows us just how see-thru we need to be this fall.

Gwen is adorable and so are her boys. Fear not, the nanny is standing close by. You didn't think Gwen handles her boys all on her own, did you? Kingston's hair reminds me of a unicorn mane.
Ellen Pompeo looks fantastic! She must be having a boy....girls make women look pale while boys make their moms glow. An old wives tale but it was the case with my pregnancies!
Camilla Alves and Levi. Matthew McConagheygey has the cutest family!

That looks like something coming out of Britney's nose but its the sunglasses!
Annalyne McCord and her sister. I like these girls because of their curly hair. I have wavy hair too and they make me feel like its okay not to have the trendy pin straight locks so popular in Hollywood.

I'm not crazy about the dress but Sandra Bullock looks good. And I can't believe she's forty five!

I have mixed feelings about onesies for adults. If only they came with crotch snaps. Kate Walsh does have really nice legs, doesn't she?

Jon Gosselin strikes a pose. Not attractive.

EMMYS: Rachael Ray wears a flattering shade of purple however if the dress was two inches shorter, it would be more flattering.

EMMYS: Jennie Garth looks very retro glam in this gown but what makes the look complete is her hair and makeup!
EMMYS: Tyra Banks looks like she's going to a dinner, not the Emmys. Although I love the dress and the shoes.

EMMYS: Do you think Ellen ever wants to wear a gown? Portia looks glam! But does she ever want to wear the tux?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Kate Walsh has amazing legs. Very long and toned but then shes what 5'10 ?

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't agree about Camilla and Levi. There are many others far Nicole and Harlow, Katie and Suri, etc., etc.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Acaislim said...

I'll skip the see through look, thanks!

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you would love Lana Del Rey.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous fersue said...

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8:04 AM  
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