Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enter To Win tickets to Fashion Week!


I want to go so badly. First of all, I grew up in a tiny town fourteen miles outside of Manhattan. I haven't been back there in....five years? It's been a long time. Second, I want to cover the event for Hello Dollface with tons of photos and editorial stuff. A first-hand experience of what's it like at Fashion Week. Third and let's be honest, I want to gaze at celebrities and models. Fourth, I want to scope out what's coming down the pike in terms of fashion. For some reason, I'm thinking burgundy will be big in the fall season. And navy. That's my guess.

Fifth, I'd love to take a peek at the amazing makeup at the runway shows. I think they use a lot of MAC. Sixth, I have a super camera and extra battery packs and I take great photos. I think I mentioned the photos already. Seventh, I want to see my friends like writer Caroline Leavitt and Allison Winn Scotch and the PR girls I work with. Eighth, my children are driving me bonkers and I need a vacation, stat.

Ninth, my husband travels for work all the time and I want a turn to sleep in a hotel on smooth crisp sheets in a quiet room. And tenth, you only live once and what better experience than a trip to NY during fashion week for a clothes lover like myself? Oh I forget, I just had surgery! And I need time to heal...through fashion of course. That's eleven. Eleven reasons why I need to go to Fashion Week! I just need airfare and a hotel paid for by a mysterious yet wealthy benefactor.

But I digress. The contest is for LifeMinuteTV and here's the scoop:

Send us what you think is the most "fashionable" photo of yourself.

It can be quirky, funny, or runway ready! Whatever YOU think is your most fashionable you. Winners will be judged on originality and style and will receive 2 tickets to the Pamella Roland Spring 2010 Fashion Show in NYC, 2 courtside tickets to a NETS home game (even fashionistas love a good game), a TRIA (at-home laser hair removal beauty tool) which retails for $795, and an exclusive sneak peek at mark's upcoming Gloss Gorgeous that selected beauty and fashion insiders will receive at Fashion Week.

And if you win, consider taking me with you. Just kidding. ...ahhh no I'm not. Take me!


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