Thursday, August 20, 2009

Johnny Martin/Jonathan Martin

The Office's Jenna & Angela with their Johnny Martin dresses at Melanie Segal's Teen Choice lounge. I've met Angela but have yet to meet Jenna. My pal Brett Freedman does her makeup a lot for the Red Carpet. If you notice, she always looks fabulous at the awards shows.

See this cute tote? I wear mine all over the place and get lots of compliments on it. So convenient for my wallet, keys, giant makeup bag, bottle of water and a magazine. Its only ten dollars! Great deal for a financially cautious girl like myself. And check out the sweet headband that iCarly's Jeanette McCurdy is wearing!

I have the same shirt. Jenna and I are practically twins!
For the dresses, more shirts and the tote bag please head over to Get that
I am seriously lusting over the Hype Lola Cotton Embroidery top. I love clothes! LOVE THEM.