Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little Rachel Zoe

Last year when the The Rachel Zoe Project premiered, I wrote about it. I don't remember my exact words but it probably went on about how I've kept my finger on the pulse of Rachel Zoe since she was known as Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig. There's something about her that I admire. What is it? The big blonde hair? Well, she is from New Jersey like yours truly.

I like the fact that she doesn't give into the Hollywood peer pressure of breast implants and plastic surgery. She dresses for fashion, not to be sexy. You won't see her wearing acrylic nails, a tight shirt, skin tight pants and high wedge flip flops. She's classy like that.

I love her 60's-70's bohemian glamour - long gypsy dresses, piles of jewelry and stilettos. I understand her passion for her career, and what a glamorous career it is! Through dressing celebrities, she's become a celebrity. And she wrote a fun book about fashion that I refer to now and then when I need a little inspiration.
She's fun and funny. Rachel has been with her husband for seventeen years. You can tell she adores him which is so rare in todays world where every other person is getting a divorce. Hard work, committed relationship, lives in southern California, big hair, from New Jersey...why, we could almost be twins! Okay, maybe distant cousins.
I watch her show every week on Bravo and I thank her for letting us live in the glam, fast paced, fashion loving world of Rachel Zoe, if only for an hour every week for a few months a year.


Anonymous lilkunta said...

Cindy, If Rachel is so confident
(in that she doesnt succumb to HollyW breast implants & acrylic nails),
y is she hiding her age?
2 week ago she posted on twitter that she turned 28, but vanity fair & nymag say she is really 38.

This blog doesnt have auto reply function so pls let me know: lady3 at hotmail. Thanks.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt she get a divorce last year?

10:44 PM  
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