Monday, August 17, 2009


If you haven't been to your local MAC counter then I suggest you hightail it over there ASAP. You know I love MAC.

The MAC Baby Bloom collection is so beautiful. The collection includes five neutral skin tone shades with spf 15. The Studio Moisture Tint Spf 15 gives you just enough color that you can leave the house, confident that your skin looks good. I adore the texture- it's light weight and gel-like. Blends with ease. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply. I'm a big fan of the consistency of this product! Imparts moisture to keep skin hydrated. What more could you want?

I'm yearning for the Suntints Liquid Lip Balm. These little tubs of lip color contain an spf of 20 and can be worn alone or over lipstick. You know the rules with MAC- there are no rules. You could probably use these as liquid blush too.

The latest collection is the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics which will be on counters August 20th. This is a photo of the eye shadow called Maira's Magic. I don't think I have to explain why I love the fine powdery texture of the eye shadows.

Don't you love my photos of the eye shadow quad? These colors speak to me. They say, "Cindy, have fun with me. Apply me to your eyelids." And I will. This one is called Photo Realism. That color on the bottom right is my favorite.

Don't you want to jump into this? Loved by makeup artists everywhere, the pigments give such dense, strong color that you must use it sparingly. This purple shade is called Push The Edge. I use the darker pigments for eyeliner. I wet my angled brush, dip it into the pot, give it a little shake to get the excess off and apply close to the lash line. If you are really daring, which I am not, you can use it as eyeshadow.

Not pictured is the blush called The Perfect Pink. I want a tee shirt in this exact shade of pale, dusty pink. Very subtle.
The Make-Up Art Cosmetics collections are each inspired by three artists. First we have Marilyn Minter who is a photographer. She takes very artsy, provocative photographs. Wow, I'm so inspired by beautiful photography.
Next we have Richard Phillips, who is a painter. If I thought Marilyn Minters work was provocative then I don't even know how to explain Richard's! I wish I had gone to art school.
Maira Kalman, illustrator. Her work almost reminds me a little bit of Matisse. The colors and simple style stirs my soul.



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