Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nexxus Botanicals

You can tell I've been using my Nexxus botanicals by the dent in the bottle above! I love the way the products clean my hair and leave it soft but not greasy. The botanical shampoo contains "rose hip oil and naturally-sourced amaranth protein" which nourish hair. My hair needs a lot of nourishing.

The conditioner is very light-weight and washes out completely. My pet peeve with hair products is when the shampoo / conditioner dries out my hair or when a filmy residue weighs it down. The Nexxus Botanicals do neither.

Gorgeous Curls is a Curl Enhancing Foam Styler ie mousse. When the temps hit 95* and its not even ten a.m. you better believe I am not going to heat style my locks. I throw a little of Gorgeous Curls in it, air dry for a good twenty minutes and finish with a little blow dry on a cool setting. To set my hair in place, I want something light so I reach for the Comb Thru hairspray. It offers a natural hold, forget shellacking your hair into a helmut. This is for soft, touchable hair.

All the Nexxus products can be found here.



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