Wednesday, August 05, 2009


When a few days or even weeks pass by and I haven't done a Reader Giveaway, I get a little nervous. Its so much fun for me to brighten someone's day with a beauty treat! Right now I present to you Belli Skincare. Formulated for Moms-to-be, anyone can reap the benefits of these natural products.

Lets talk details:
"The All Day Moisture Body Lotion deeply moisturizes, comforts and soothes dry, itchy skin. It features the essential oil of lemon, which is known for its uplifting qualities and aroma-therapeutic ability to calm upset stomachs, and chamomile to soften and refresh the skin. "

Visit the website and take a look at what Belli offers! Send me an email with your name, full address and I'll chose a winner by Friday.

Forward to all your friends, Twitter pals, Facebook buddies etc. Hello Dollface needs more beauty loving friends!

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Anonymous Patrice said...

Please include me on your giveaway contest. Thanks.


7:37 AM  

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