Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Celebrity Lounge

Per-fekt skin perfecting gel is a must- have in every woman's makeup case. This gel sinks into skin creating a flawless canvas for makeup application! I met the creator of Per-fekt, Richard Anderson which was a thrill.

Rocket Dog was on with tons of shoes. For a shoe loving girl like myself, it was heavenly! The shoes were hip and trendy and most importantly, comfortable!

In celebration of the Teen Choice Awards, Melanie Segal's Platinum Publicity held a gifting suite benefitting Tails of the City Rescue.
There were many adorable dogs there looking for homes. If I didn't already have two dogs, I would have adopted one. My next dog will definitely be a rescue.

Also on hand to celebrate the event was Dogswell Dog Food which is made from nutritious ingredients and natural meats- my dogs went crazy for the treats I brought home for them!

Also there was Steven Shein jewelry, Wellness Bags, Energy Muse Jewelry, Exo-Flex custom designs for electronics. If you are feeling like you need some oomph, try the Red Light Energy Drink.

I loved the Johnathan Martin clothes- including cute flirty shirts (Jenna Fisher from the Office chose the same shirt as me!) and dresses, Cosabella, Primp clothing which makes the softest, cutest shirts and sweatshirts. Primp is a fave among celebs.

Perfect for a party is the Classic Photo Booth where you can have pictures taken and developed right away. I picked up One a Day vitamins, and Honest Tea which I enjoyed because it's not overly sweet or full of sugar. I need a case of Honest Tea for myself to drink throughout the day!

The event was held at the infamous Magic Castle. Because I have no problems asking for things, my friend and I were able to get a private tour of this exclusive magicians club. This place is amazing, a mix of velvets and stained glass, original wood and brass, old framed pictures of magicians from days gone by and seating to watch magic shows and dine in their restaurant. You have to either be a member or be invited by a member to gain access to the castle. Very cool place for an event.

A big thanks to Melanie and her staff for another terrific gifting lounge!


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