Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What You Need for Eyes...

Excuse the brows, just look at the eye liner. This is my new favorite color by Bobbi Brown. Somewhere between a green and a brown is this color which is so awesome, there are no words to describe it. The Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is the best. Number One. Get it and love it. Apply with a small angled brush and it will stay put all day. That's the beauty of the gel liner.

The name is Forest Shimmer Ink. You can easily apply a super thin line or go thick like I tried above. I love a cat's eye but can't seem to make it work on myself. Use the gel liner as an eyeshadow. Mix with a hint of water for a wash. I've never used Bobbi's brushes but I am certain that they are top quality. She has a great little brush on her site that retails for $28 and is perfect for using with the Gel Liner.

Here I am wearing LashFusionXL mascara. When I have the time, I don't mind working with my eyelashes to coax more volume and length. But sometimes I am on the go and don't have the time, in which case I want to apply two quick coats of mascara and scoot out the door to a premiere or Red Carpet event. You know how it is. Soccer games, doctors appointments, playdates is more like it.
Whether you have an event to attend or are heading somewhere less exciting, give Fusion Beauty's LashFusion XL mascara a try. You can see that my lashes look not only long but quite thick too. I love mascara. Its the one product (besides blush) that really wakes up a face and gives a little bit of oomph without a ton of effort.



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