Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Quick Tip from Brett Freedman!

I love today's quick tip because although I like wearing false eyelashes, I'm not very good at putting them on. My fingers are too big to get a good grip and when I use tweezers, I usually pick them up at the wrong spot. Well, I've been schooled thanks to Brett! It doesn't take very long to glue a few on to the outer corners of your eyes and the impact is huge. Take a look and try for yourself.

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Blogger Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

Hello, Dollface. I used to love false lashes. After using Lumigan/Latisse which I purchased cheaply from an overseas pharmacy, I grew insanely long, thick and ridiculous lashes. This sounds like an ad but it isn't as I'm using the generic version. This has to be the most effective "beauty product" ever. There are pics on my blog but I don't want to leave the URL for the post as it's kind of pushy. (I don't sell anything or have adwords...) They are under the "Ageless Beauty" tab, permanent brows post second in. I chucked my falsies and I am getting asked all the time where I had my extensions done. :)

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