Friday, September 04, 2009

TJ Maxx Event in Glendale, CA

It's not a secret that I love places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls so when I got an invite to head over to a brand new TJ Maxx in Glendale,CA for a special blogger event, I said, "YES!" Then I heard Michael Jackson's funeral was going to be in Glendale on this day and I said, "No!"

I left in the wee hours of the morning and didn't get my coffee before hitting the open road. I was half asleep (and hungry) which made me dizzy so I wove in between lanes on my journey. I'm grateful I arrived in Glendale unscathed although some dude in a Camry pointed at me and laughed. He probably thought I was texting but no, just sleeping. All right! I was trying to put my makeup on!

TJ Maxx discounts designer clothes, up tp 60% off! I love that. I don't like to pay full price for clothes, I shop on sale racks and seek out the best deals. I think even if I were a millionaire, I'd still shop here.
Above is a little preview of the hottest colors for fall. I can't wait for the cooler weather so I can wear some of the upcoming trends like the boyfriend blazer, bomber jacket, slouchy boots and knits. I personally think people are going to be going dark dark dark for nails and lips for fall.
When I got to the TJ Maxx store, which incidentally is located next door to a Ross and Nordstrom Rack, the event was in full swing. Luckily there was a little coffee left and I got to hear stylist/lifestyle expert Alison Deyette discuss the new trends for fall. Alison has been a guest on shows like The View, The Early Show, Tyra Banks, TLC's Ten Years Younger and many more. She's a big time fashionista! She wore a cute dress with perfect shoes. I instantly liked her.

Alison took us to the back of TJ Maxx where all the new products arrive, get unpacked and checked in. I always love a good behind- the- scenes glimpse of the action. The store itself is spotless and clean, bright and chock full of everything from clothes to handbags to beauty products. I took a look at the jewelry counter which had me drooling. Im partial to chunky silver pieces and I spotted some beautiful turquoise earrings. I don't always think of TJ Maxx as a place to go when I need fabulous jewelry but you can score something unique, a little piece to brighten up an outfit.

We got the chance to shop around before the doors opened to the public, to the non-bloggers of the world. Immediately I found a bright blue tee shirt with a slouchy neckline, photo above. I can wear it now then layer it over a tight fitting long sleeved tee shirt or under a blazer in the fall. The shirt was $14.99, not bad. There's a place in the store that features "just off the runway" items like high end designer jeans, dresses, and tops. I had my hand on a pair of beautiful jeans but reminded myself that Im trying to buy things that I don't already have in my closet. And I have many pairs of nice jeans!

I bought a knee-length black dress, sleeveless with a high neck. It was $12.99. You can't beat that price for a dress. Its so simple and I don't think it will ever go out of style.

I strolled around and looked at everything, taking my time to soak in the quiet of the store before it opened. I noticed Alison doing some heavy shopping- she really practices what she preaches about shopping at TJ Maxx.

What a fun time I had! A big thanks to Victoria who invited me in the first place. Although I didn't get to meet the other bloggers, below is a list of those who also attended, some flying in from out of state. I knew Amber from a Lancome dinner a few months back and its always nice to see a friendly face. Although I have to say, we were both so intensely shopping, we barely got to chat. Catch you next time! * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Anonymous Faye said...

Oooh over here in the UK it is called TK Maxx, but you hardly ever find anything good in there, I think I need to pay your one a visit!!

6:17 AM  
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Blogger Violet said...


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Anonymous Claire said...

Wow that blue tee is sexy! It sounds like you had a good time, I've never been to a Maxx event before. Maybe one day <3

7:03 PM  
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