Saturday, February 28, 2009

READ IT: Revenge of the Spellmans

After reading The Diary of Anne Frank this week, I needed something fun. A light book. A book that promised to make me laugh. Enter The Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz. I fell in love with Lisa's writing when I read her first novel, The Spellman Files. I did not know there was a second book but a third got my attention and I couldn't wait to dive in. Will have to get my hands on Curse of the Spellmans soon.

It didn't me long to finish this one. The authors funny characters and quick dialogue made the pages turn and I found myself laughing out loud several times. The book could be classified as a mystery but the real meat of the story is all about the crazy Spellmans and their relationship with each other. And the therapist.

Having visited- and fallen in love with- San Francisco, the city provides the perfect backdrop for the story. I hope Lisa continues writing about the Spellmans.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Better skin with Borba, Murad, Exuviance & Laszlo

No one can eat just one...Borba Gummi Bear Boosters!
Shake It! Normalizer for oily skin

Marilyn Monroe was a fan of Erno Laszlo. Just look what was found in her room after she died...lots of Erno Laszlo jars!

Here's a product that I begin my morning with. Regular Normalizer- Shake It. Just a shake and a cotten ball is all you need to control oil for the day. This product helps dim oil production, keeping my skin smooth and grease free all day. It can be worn alone, or over/under foundation. I apply a moisturizer, then Shake It, then my foundation. It works. A side benefit is that my honeycomb sized pores look smaller which thrills me to no end! You only need small amount, gently dab it on your face with the cotton ball. Then with finger tips, I blend it in.

Another product I like to give my skin a poreless look is the Exuviance Matte Perfection. I really love this brand and all their many high quality products. Matte Perfection is a good product to keep in your purse for instant touch ups. This gives you a matte finish and minimizes pores. It has that silky texture that I'm so fond of.

Murad Oil-Free Sunblock Sheer Tint SPF 15 is the very first product I reach for in the morning. My alarm goes off, I roll out of bed, wash my face, and instantly apply this product. Most days, I take my dog for a twenty minute jaunt around the neighborhood and sunscreen is a must. This one not only controls oil but gives my skin a hint of color. I love the fact that it seems to control oil, reduces my pores and contains sunscreen.

I've seen a difference in my skin as of late. What is it? The texture is smoother, looks brighter...could it be the Borba Gummi Bear Boosters I've been consuming daily? These delicious treats are not only tasty but serve to improve skin tone. My skin looks better and I don't need as much concealer. Did I mention how good they are? I can't stop eating them. But I need them for my skin! Really!

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To help support the National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month, theBalm has created a limited edition KISS MS GOODBYE version of their best-selling “You Buy, I’ll Fly” Overshadow Eye Shadow; a 100% pure mineral, shimmery copper shadow that adds a luxe look to the lid.

During the entire month of March, will donate 25% of proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Overshadow to the cause. As a special thank you, customers who purchase this Overshadow will receive 25% off of any additional purchases they make from the site. theBalm KISS MS GOODBYE Limited Edition overshadow retails for $15 at

Global Goddess by Shalini Vadhera

I've seen Global Goddess By Shalini Vadhera many times before but always thought the products were for exotic women with long glossy black hair and deep dark eyes and dark skin. Honestly, I didn't know that a blonde haired, blue eyed girl like myself could use them. Anyone can use these products no matter what color your hair or skin. I was so wrong. I could have been using the Coconut Alma treatment for years now!

* First up is the Shine Coconut Alma Revitalizing Treatment. The product smells wonderful like fresh coconuts. I used a fair amount on the ends of my hair which tend to be frizzy and dry. What's great about this is that you can also use it as a body moisturizer. I use this as a pre-shampoo, letting my hair absorb the coconut, jojoba, sunflower and avocado oils. My hair is in better shape when I blow it dry, the ends lay smoother and static is at a minimum. Plus, I don't think I need to tell you how good my hair smells.

*For the longest time I've been wishing for an eyelash conditioner. Something to apply directly to the lashes to keep them in supple shape. I think my daily use of mascara might wear and tear on the lashes so I was delighted to discover the Coconut Alma Lash and Brow Conditioner. It's very gentle to the eyes so don't worry about strong chemicals or going blind after applying. I heard two women in Sephora once discussing blindness as a result of using eyelash growth products. This lash conditioner is simple to apply, just use it like you would mascara and let the conditioner strengthen your lashes. It contains coconut oil, vitamins A and Panthenol , Amla Oil grape seed and apple extract plus nettle and horse chestnut (to enhance shine).

*I love liquid eyeliners and have tested my fair share of them over the years. Sometimes they can be too watery, other times the color is chalky. They can have a brush that's too thick or too thin. Its really hard to find one that's got a good applicator plus decent color. The Global Goddess Liquid Kohl liner is what I've been wearing every single day. I apply it after my mascara so I can get super close to the lash line and not worry about painting my lashes. This is a wonderful product if you are looking for a long lasting liquid liner with awesome texture and consistency. The secret lies within the ingredient of Moringa oil which is light and spreads easily on the skin.

*Upgrade Complexion Face Primer contains "Pearlescent pigments and natural light reflective ingredients" which brighten the face and create a clean smooth palette for foundation. It smooths out flaws and wrinkles so when you apply your makeup, your face is nearly flawless and glowing. I use this with my mineral powder on the days when I don't go for a full face of makeup. It has a silky texture and smooths easily over the skin. It also makes my skin feel and look soft!

*The Goddess Glow South Pacific Shimmer is a bronzer with a hint of shimmer. The bronze shade is a very complimentary color- not too dark or brown or light or orange. Just a lovely shade of bronze that perks up the skin. My skin needs perking up. My favorite combination when I'm feeling pale is this South Pacific Shimmer and a hint of peach blush on top. You can use this product as a highlighter, eye shadow or sweep it across your chest to for a mid-winter glow.

I'm so grateful for the chance to give this brand a whirl! You can find it here, the site is very easy to navigate and there are tips on every page from Shalini Vadhera, the brains behind the beauty brand.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Product Body

633 Alternate A1A Jupiter, Florida 33477

I am so proud of and happy for my pal Joanna. We go way back actually. Have kept in touch over the years here and there. When I first started up Hello Dollface, she sent me the best shea butter I have ever tried. I'm thinking now of the whipped, divinely textured, very delicious shea butter .... ahhhhh. Luxury.

Recently, Joanna opened a Product Body store in Jupiter FL. This is so exciting for me on a few levels. One, because I knew her when she started out with Product Body. Two, in this economy, it takes a bold woman to step out of her comfort zone and move forward with her dreams and goals. And three, I believe in Joanna and her products. Just like it takes a talented chef to step into the kitchen and create a masterful meal, it takes a talented person to make what Joanna does, natural, hand crafted soaps, scrubs and bath products that are extremely high quality.

Joanna so kindly sent me Sexy Laundry Day Soap to try. I need more of it because I'm using it up quickly. I love the smell, the fact it's pure, made without harmful additives, and the cute shape. The Sugar Scrub is exactly what my hands and feet crave. How does she get the scrub so right? It's not too coarse, not too soft and leaves skin in silky shape. And the Lemon Balm is a product that cures whatever ails you from a rash to ragged cuticles, dry skin, scaly heels etc.

Besides making all these products with her two little hands, Joanna finds time to write a blog and run her new store plus she's a mom and a wife. Does this woman ever rest? She has a store on Etsy too! I'm in awe of this woman. I love Product Body and you will too. Go here for the website, here for Etsy and here for her blog.


Lash Stiletto by Maybelline

I was so excited when I saw Maybelline was introducing a new mascara. Not just any mascara, but one that threatened to bring my lashes to extreme lengths! I've long been a fan of Maybelline mascaras. Not the one that is the green and pink staple in many a makeup artists bag of tricks but of their Volume Express and Lash Discovery.

I had high hopes for the Stiletto. I'm happy to report that it lived up to my expectations! Very clever, those Maybelline people, making the tube resemble a stiletto heel! And the whole image is very up-town sleek, the high heel and the cityscape on the packaging, the black and red colors,
reminiscent of a Louboutin heel.

The mascara does a great job lengthening every last lash, creating a dark fan around the eye. It contains Vitamin B5 to strengthen lashes, a groovy "grip and extend brush" which grabs hold of lashes and dispenses rich color, and it washes off easily with makeup remover. Although it does not advertise a thickening element, my lashes are several times plumper than normal with this product. Score!

For the price, you cannot beat the value. In fact, I'm pretty darn impressed with the Lash Stiletto mascara. I tend to really like pricier mascara but there's no good reason to spend the extra cash on department store products when this one works just as well. And you can find Maybelline everywhere. For the price, value, product integrity, ease of tracking it down, washing off in minutes, it's a must-buy next time you are in the market for mascara.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Vanity Fair Oscar hair tips!

I heard Madonna was throwing a party after the Oscars too.

Halle and Gabriel,
Nicole Kidman

BFF's Salma and Penelope

Jessica Biel changed into a fuschia number for the after party

Anne Hathaway, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Gwen S. and Gavin Rossdale

Couples alert! Jake and Reese

John and Jennifer

Two legends, Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep

Penelope, Sean Penn and Amy Adams

Will Smith and Jada
I have some hot hair tips from celeb hair stylist Luke O'Connor. Use this information next time you find yourself getting ready for an awards show or a Vanity Fair party!

The Look: Half-up waves

Gorgeous waves are always a favorite at award shows and several super stars sported this look tonight. Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel both radiated beauty with their loosely styled tendrils pinned half-up.

To recreate at home:Apply Suave Healthy Curls Scrunching Mousse to towel dried hair to help define waves and control frizz. Flip hair over and blow dry hair until most of the moisture is gone and hair is 85% dry. Section off the top section of hair from the center of each eyebrow back to crown, and clip out of the way. Dry remaining hair completely.

Use a 1.5 inch curling iron on two inch sections of hair and spiral wrap around iron, leaving waves loose and smooth. This should be about six to eight sections of hair. On the top section, use a medium round brush and blow dry back, straight and smooth. Back-comb for added volume and secure desired amounts of hair from either side of your face with bobby pins.

Set into place with Suave Extra Hold Hairspray.

The Look: Fashionable Side Bun

Tina Fey made Steve Martin blush and you can make your co-star go gaga! It's easy to achieve this classy, modern take on the Hollywood tradition that shined on the red carpet.

To recreate at home:For smooth and frizz-free locks, prep hair with Suave® Professionals® Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner.

Next, give hair body and control by applying Suave® Professionals® Extra Hold Styling Foam to damp hair. Gather the top layer of hair and pin up at the crown. Blow dry the rest of hair in sections using a medium round brush to lock in volume. Unpin hair at the crown and blow dry in 1 inch sections using the round brush. Blow dry bangs by rolling the hair around the brush away from the face and directed to the side for swooping side bangs. Keep side-swept bangs locked in place with Suave® Professionals® Extra Hold Gel.

Next, take a 1.5 inch curling iron to curl the large sections of hair. Finally, gather hair into a pony tail and loosely twist down to create a low chignon off to the side. Secure with pins and let loose pieces fall naturally for a look that's effortlessly chic.

The Look: Glamour Curls

Fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker showcased her sophisticated side with structured curls. The middle part gave the look a modern edge and you can make it happen at home.

To recreate at home:Stock your shower with Suave® Humectant Shampoo and Conditioner so curls will have added shine and brightness. Next, apply Suave® Professionals® Extra Hold Styling Foam to damp hair to give body and control.

Be sure to blow dry hair upside down to achieve maximum volume. Once hair is completely dry, flip back up and create a center part.

Take 1 to 1.5 inch sections of hair and spiral wrap around a 1 to 1.25 inch curling iron to create neat curls. For superior style and control, lock in the look with Suave® Professionals® Freeze Hold Hairspray.

ACADEMY AWARDS 2009, Beauty Review

Reese Witherspoon's dress was a little asymmetrical and I've seen a variety of opinions about it. I like her better in a classic, tailored dress but I give her props for trying something different. I am not, however, doing cartwheels over her hairstyle. It looks a bit greasy and flat. I'm not sure what kind of coif would work with the dress. Maybe a low, messy bun or a side swept ponytail?

I thought Jennifer Aniston looked great. The gown was beautiful, her bag and shoes matched, her skin was glowing and as usual, her hair looked pretty. I'm not one hundred percent on board with the braid in her hair but all in all, I thought she pulled off a classic and elegant look.

You can't get more perfect than Natalie Portman. The length of the gown is ideal for the Red Carpet. Some of the trains on those dresses looked like a fall waiting to happen. I like the carpet grazing length. Natalie stood out in this pink number: makeup, hair and jewelry was kept simple. Everything about her look is fantastic.

At first I did not like this dress. I thought it was too "Disney princess". But then I thought about the other dresses and Sarah Jessica Parker's personal style and I revamped my opinion. We all kind of expect a couture look from SJP. So after consideration, I give her two thumbs up. I think Penelope Cruz could have worn this dress but not too many other girls could get away with it.

This is what I mean about a big train on a dress. It's not practical and probably not comfortable! I like the color and the cut of the upper portion although I want Marisa Tomei to gain a little weight, she's looking too thin. I think if the dress slightly billowed out then ended at the floor, I would be on board with the look. Nice makeup and jewelry though.

Gorgeous hair, makeup, love the red bag and the necklace. The dress is simple yet elegant and dreamy. Taraji P. Henson scored at the Golden Globes with her white gown and she does it again at the Oscars.

I'm really conflicted about the dress. My humble opinion on this one is that the dress, while intricate and detailed, is a little too old for Miley Cyrus. I love her hair, her makeup was done nicely and I do like the top of the gown along with the belt. But then it goes south for me. I would like to see a plain column skirt edged with the sequins and rhinestones rather than the elephant ears.

WOW. What a makeup job. I think Lisa Rinna wore a stunning dress, the color was rich and looked good with her skin. The halter neckline is so flattering. But her makeup...I'm not saying anything else. She's a sweet lady, I'm biting my tongue. Hard.

Seal looks great but I don't know how I feel about Heidi Klum's dress. Lets just say I'm not rushing out to buy a copy of the gown.
Didn't she wear a red gown last year? I like the shoes, I like the bracelets and the big earrings. I'm not wild about the red dress, neither the color or style. I am not head over heels in love with her hair either. I want to blow her hair out, throw some hot rollers in there and dress her up in a vintage gold dress.
At first glance, I didn't care for the dress. But as I watched Kate Winslet in this gown, I felt it was flattering to her body shape, the beautiful blue-gray brought out her eye color and it really had great movement to it. The dress is very different too, no one else wore anything like it. Her accessories were excellent, makeup well done. I'm still pondering her heavily shellacked hair, I think a nice bun with a few loose, curly tendrils would have been nice.
Jessica Beil- I wanted to yank that billowing piece of fabric down so it would lay flat. Had it not puffed out so much, I think I'd have liked the simplicity of the dress more. Her hair needs more volume or ooomph to it. I'm not sending love letters to Jessica over her choice of a dress. She has a fabulous body, she could have gone with a tight, form- fitting, plunging neckline of a gown.
Diane Lane is lovely. Gorgeous. The black dress is simple, elegant. Nice accessories, I can't find anything wrong here. Good job. And I dont think she's been botoxing herself to high heavens which I appreciate.

Is this a House of Dereon dress? Beyonce always surprises me with her beautiful voice and her actual physical beauty. She didn't have much makeup on but was still stunning. I'm not setting off fireworks for the dress though. It certainly shows off her hourglass figure but the pattern looks like a tapestry.

Dev looks nice in his tux. Freida Pinto, again, is one to watch. I'm happy she went with a bright blue dress, I love color especially for the younger actresses. With her dark hair and skin, the blue is flattering. I'd like to see the single sleeve- rather than long- be shortened to her shoulder. I would feel very unbalanced with a single sleeve. I have a feeling designers will be vying to dress this young beauty for many years to come!

Amy Adams is wearing quite the bejeweled necklace! I'm wondering if the art-deco lines of the dress clash with the complexity of the necklace? I don't have a real opinion here. Had the black stitching not been there, I think the necklace would have worked a little better. I think a simple, more linear necklace would have worked better. Love the hair and makeup, I'm wondering about a red lip to match the dress, could have worked!

I have no idea who these people are....?
Just kidding. What can you say? The dress is very classic, tailored to perfection. I really want to see Angelina Jolie with long bangs, swept to the side with long layers in her hair- a tousled look. Those emeralds are unbelievable. They almost look fake. I like it when she wears color but clearly she likes sticking to black and neutrals.

Anne Hathaway is one of the big fashion winners of the night. From head to toe, her look is perfection. I might have wanted to see a tiny bit of bling around her neck but what do I know?


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Next Time, Wear Heels

To attend the Independent Spirit Film awards was truly a dream. I learned my lesson from my indulgent Cosmo consumption at the last celeb-studded affair I went to and drank only water so I could keep my head on straight. I don’t want to get a reputation as a lush before my career even starts.

We began the day in the On 3 tent, where vendors and various celebs milled about. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy. There was a curtain separating the gifting lounge from the prestigious Elle tent. My pal Shartelle and I, walked through the magic curtain and arrived seconds later in the land of fashionably dressed women in stiletto heels, upswept hair and skinny black dresses.

Getting dressed for an event is always a challenge. I wonder what to wear and stress about it like I’m going to perform open heart surgery. I decided to go comfortable and casual, wearing a chunky, short cardigan with an embroidered Lucky brand belt and True Religion jeans, brown boots and an oversized purple Kiplinger bag. I felt good- although my hair was flat and my skin was shiny- in the On 3 tent. But as soon as we stepped into the Elle tent, my self esteem plummeted to my boots. Every women there was decked out in a short dress and stiletto heels. I felt like a bucktoothed country bumpkin compared to these stylish women. The men were pretty hip too but I didn’t give much thought to what they were wearing.

Waiters and waitresses carried appetizers on silver trays, a cappuccino machine churned out lattes in the corner. The editor of Elle, Roberta Myers, floated through the crowd, gorgeous and sleek in a skinny black dress and spiky heels. I couldn’t stop looking in my compact mirror, wishing I had smaller pores, bigger hair and a better outfit. I debated whether I should leave, go shopping for a better ensemble and return with more confidence. Nervous I wouldn’t be permitted back if I left, I stayed put on a white couch, sipping my coffee and people watching, tucking my clunky boots under the couch as far as they would go.

I had to resist the urge to walk over to Jennifer Westfeldt and inform her she looked good with a bandaged head on Grey’s Anatomy. She was wearing a short blue dress, her longs were long and skinny like a colt’s. Her husband, Jon Hamm was all casual elegance with messy hair. I don’t know how long we sat on that white couch, observing celebrities mingle. I wonder if it’s a writers job to always feel like an outsider in order to have perspective and funny stories?

We decided to roam and make our way over to the Heineken tent where cocktails were mixed and poured, a buffet was laid out and we felt more comfortable and appropriately dressed. I only took a little food and drank water, fearful my anxious stomach would act up and Id have to make a hasty retreat to the portable bathrooms. My gut feeling told me to talk to the guy in the striped shirt sitting two feet away from us but I wanted to play it safe and cool and not make a fool out of myself. I had a feeling he was a producer or writer and I was determined to network a little. But I used restraint and didn’t say a word, later he won an award for In Search of a Midnight Kiss.

We were permitted to walk into the press tent and feeling bold, I picked seats in the front row. When am I going to have the opportunity to sit front and center at an event like this? The press tent is where the winners of the awards answer questions from the press after they receive their awards. They stand in front of the microphone as the press call out questions. There is only about three minutes of questions then the winners are swept off to….I don’t know where. Back to the event I guess.

James Franco was the first win. After seeing him in so many movies, it was quite thrilling to be less than six feet away from him. We could never be a couple; he’s smaller than I am. He seems thoughtful, well spoken and smart. Next win was Penelope Cruz.

I love to see what the actresses look like in the flesh. I’m telling you this as a blanket statement for any celebrities that I will ever mention- the women in Hollywood - they are super duper skinny. Teri Hatcher could wear my eight-year old daughter’s clothes. She is praying mantis skinny. Mary Kate Olsen? Purely infantile. Elizabeth Banks? Not so short but little bones. Zooey Deschanel? Itty bitty. Penelope? Her shoes were bigger than her legs. Sheryl Crow? More petite than you would imagine.
As the winners came up to the stage and answered their questions, I was in a trance. It’s not the whole Hollywood lifestyle that gets my blood pumping. I don’t care about having a four million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills. It’s not driving around Beverly Hills in a Range Rover or shopping at Neiman Marcus that I’m after. It’s being part of a creative team, putting out work that people want to watch, it's being recognized as a writer and seeing my concept on the big screen that I want so badly. Being around these people who share the dream, who make it happen, it's almost too much. I began to get anxious and nervous. I needed Xanax. A drink. A hug.

I really looked forward to seeing Mickey Rourke live and up close but he didn’t come into the press tent. Too bad! I’m sure we could have forged a very meaningful relationship based on our mutual love of dogs and pocket chains, mullets and long dirty nails.

When the awards ceremony came to an end, we wanted to go back to the glorious and esteem crunching Elle tent. Actually, I was after some people-watching and a hot latte. But this time, we were turned away. Turned away from the Elle group! I knew I should have worn my heels. Not having a green Elle wristband or pass, we didn’t make the cut. Security had been tightened. We stood with a look of longing on our sad faces like Oliver Twist looking for more porridge, except we were after hot coffee and a warm place to rest our weary buttocks. The sky was pure gray and a chill hung in the air. We huddled together, watching every thin and stiletto- heeled celebrity mingle with media elite. The air crackled with excitement which I so longed to be a part of.

I wasn’t after a chat with Mary Kate Olsen or Jessica Alba. I wanted to talk to the screenwriter of Milk. But Dustin Lance Black, in his pink tie and worn jeans, was no where to be seen. I admit, I wanted to see Cameron Diaz up close. I was curious what she looked like in real life. I spotted Michelle Williams and I don’t think I need to tell you that she is positively nymph-like, a forest fairy all small and blonde.

I noticed the director of The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky who by the way, is married to the lovely Rachel Weisz (again, petite). {Sidenote: he has an IMDB credit for SuperMarket Sweep, a show I watched ten years ago} He stood alone for a second and I began to walk toward him but my path was intercepted by Vondie Curtis Hall. I wanted to ask Darren about choosing projects and screenplays but I’m not sure if I had the guts to do it in a graceful manner. Thank you Vondie, for saving me from myself.

Oh how I longed to be a part of the awards ceremony. What is it like to be the creator of a screenplay or movie that is honored and awarded? It’s the dream that I chase and with that intention I sit at my computer every day and read countless screenplays and study the craft and learn about the people who have done it before me. I will funnel the excitement and the joy of the day to my projects if I can stay off Facebook for longer than an hour.

Now, it's almost time for the Oscars so excuse me while I do a little creative visualization. Someday... I will be there.


Backstage at the Independent Spirit Film Awards

Justine Bateman with Koolaburra Boots

Dana Delaney with Wacoal lingerie

Jessica Alba

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to attend the gift lounge presented by On 3 Productions for the Independent Spirit Awards. It was a huge honor for me to be there and I was in awe of the venue. The event was held in tents next to the beach. You would never guess you were inside a giant tent from the inside, everything was elegant and lovely. The vendors were there to talk about their products and display what they had to offer.
I always enjoy walking around and talking to people and learning about new products. Every time I attend an event like this, I walk around with a smile on my face, so grateful and excited to attend!
The vendors included:

PALM® Pre™:
I have the most basic telephone that doesn't do anything fancy. I don't know how to text, I can't take pictures and I might even have better communication using smoke signals. What I need is this PALM Pre which does everything except make you coffee.

AMC ENTERTAINMENT Exclusive AMC Signature Pass:
There's nothing I like more than going to the movies- except maybe a good book. AMC was giving the celebrities passes for a year to attend AMC movies. Lucky celebs!!

I've been using the Advance White Toothpaste and Whitening Booster. I really like the toothpaste and the whitening booster is a cinch to use. You put a little on your toothbrush and brush your teeth, its that easy. If you are a tea and coffee drinker like myself, this helps get rid of stains and brightens your smile.

BLUE NOTCH Denim Jeans: Premium Japanese Denim for Men & Women.
I'd love a pair of these super lightweight jeans. The denim was ultra-soft and comfortable looking. These are hot jeans and celebs are wearing them.

I'm certain that the movie stars will be carrying the Carolos Falchi bags tonight at the Oscars. Small and elegant, these bags are perfect for lipstick and the necessities for an evening out on the town. Or at an awards show.

CRUNCH 1-Year Gym Membership.
Who doesn't know Crunch? The gym is famous! They have some very interesting and unique classes like using a flowing hammock while doing yoga. Now there's a class I'd be interested in!

GLOWELLE Beauty Drink Dietary Supplement
I will be following this up with a review- the drink provides anti-oxidants and in thirty days of drinking Glowelle, you will be radiant from consuming this healthy beverage chock full of good-for-you ingredients. And its very tasty!

KOOLABURRA Genuine Australian-made Sheepskin Boots:
I'm wearing mine right now. These are beyond comfortable and keep my feet so toasty warm. I wished I had mine yesterday when it was overcast and chilly! These are the new funky boots that everyone in Hollywood is wearing. Jessica Biel loves hers and that's a fact.

These bags use environmentally friendly materials, dyes and processes. They have a hippie flair which I like. The bags are very sturdy and stylish and funky. I want one.

Lasik is so popular now, everyone's doing it, even my mother in law. They were giving out Blink Tears which are "advanced eye drops that relieve dry eyes and replenish your tears with every blink."

I'm definitely following this one up in person. The resort is a vacation, a spa, a luxury experience, all within an hour of Los Angeles. The spa offers all types of packages depending on what you are looking for. Imagine luxuriating in your soft robe all day, going from facial to massage to a healthy lunch to a mani/pedi, all in one place. I think this is the ultimate in relaxation. Its been six years since I've gotten a facial or massage and I have never been to a spa like this. It's time.

WACOAL Shapewear and Lingerie from B.TEMPT'D BY WACOAL:
These pieces are sexy and fun! I could use a few tempting pieces in my wardrobe. My favorite was the pink and black polka dots. The shapewear sucks you in and holds you tight, eliminating and lumps and bumps. I believe you could transform your body by wearing these pieces! /

These need no write-up. Altoids equal fresh breath. Who doesn't need or want that? A must-have in your evening bag. Or purse, briefcase or backpack!

Organic snack bars- there are times when I grab one on the go. If I'm running errands and get hungry on the road, I rather eat this healthy bar than drive-thru fast food.
A big thank you to all the vendors who took the time to explain their products and talk to me. And On 3 really knows how to throw an elegant affair. It was an unforgettable day for this little writer!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Love the color of Tori Spelling's dress. I'm not sure about the red lipstick, not too many people can pull that color off. For example, last night I was playing around and applied my red lipstick to try out a look. My ten year old son was appalled. He said, "Take that off- it looks horrible on you."
And Tori doesn't need to lose a single pound. She's verging on Teri Hatcher territory.

One minute Nicole Richie was Paris Hilton's BFF and the next, she's wearing crumpled napkins and attending Fashion Week.

GORGEOUS Marion Cotillard. Now she can pull off the red lipstick. Her red has an orange tint to it and its very flattering with her dark shiny hair.

Lovely Kate Winslet. She's a beauty. I watched The Reader and was impressed with her subdued, dark, nuanced performance. Kate, the Oscar is yours. You better chose a fabulous gown.

Kate Beckinsdale is sporting some bangs these days. I think she looks better without them. I understand wanting a change. I just cut my own hair over the bathroom sink.
Jennifer Lopez is gutsy to wear such enormously high heels. They are almost stilts.

Cindy Crawford and Gavin Rossdale- this pairing reinforces my theory that famous people all know each other.

What's up with Ben's smile? When I watched He's Just Not That Into You, I couldnt stop staring at his teeth. I think he got new veneers or something!
There are no words...
...nope. None. Not even "camel toe".