Friday, July 31, 2009

Bikini Booty Contest Winner

The Bikini Booty contest winner is Angela from NYC. Thanks to all who responded. Another fun contest will be announced soon!

Quick Tip from Brett Freedman

I love how Brett matched his shirt to the color of the eyeliner! Another great little tip from Brett, isn't he great?


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

This review comes to me from my close friend Heidi. She has normal skin, not dry or oily. Since I know she spends a lot of time outside, the fact that this product offers an SPF of 20 is good news.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Natural Ivory
by Heidi

When I hear the name Neutrogena, I immediately think healthy, clean, pure. That being said, I was so pleased to received a gift of their new liquid foundation with the word “healthy” right in the name!
I looked in the ingredient list and with antioxidants and broad spectrum UV coverage included, I was so excited to see that this makeup could double as a foundation and skin care product. I realize that is the current trend lately, but I hadn’t found a product that had wowed me. At first application, I knew I had found a potential long term winner! This lovely liquid gave medium, natural coverage and I had a radiant glow. My dry skin felt loved. I am looking forward to using this product all summer long!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Skin Care Products - Relastin and Lumene

Relastin Zinc Firming Complex is a multi-tasking product that I love when my skin is feeling tight or dry. A little bit of this product applied to my face and instantly I see the hydration occur. I feel it too. Relastin contains vitamins and peptides which aid in repairing free radical damage. It also brightens the complexion. Any product that stimulates collagen is okay in my book.

Here's the official 411 from the company:

Zinc Firming Complex™ with nourishing hydration and powerful vitamins and extracts – delivering 360 degree skin rejuvenation. On the surface, the rich, creamy formula hydrates and soothes skin. On the cellular level, Relastin Ultra Emollient smoothes and firms the epidermis by increasing skin’s functional elastin fibers. Vitamins and nutrients in the moisturizer work alongside the caffeine to penetrate skin cells and fight free radical damage, encourage collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I use this one all over my face, even the eye area. I can't stand those nasty fine lines that began to pop up over the last few years. Also noteworthy is the Relastin Eye Silk, a product that focuses its attention on increasing elasticity around the eye area. I'll do whatever I can to battle the aging process! Without surgery or needles, that is.

Learn more about Relastin here.

Lumene is another brand worthy of your attention. My favorite is the Radiant Beauty Drops, pictures above. In those little capsules is a dose of cloudberry seed oil plus lingonberry seed oil, along with Vitamin C. Once applied, your face will feel velvety to the touch. The drops help to brighten and clarify the skin tone.

Lumene Vitamin C Energy Cocktail Intensive Care serum also gets two thumbs up. Cranberry seed oil along with cloudberry oil, energizes skin, improves texture and helps combat wrinkles. There is a Vitamin C Invigorating Eye Serum that uses a roll -on applicator which I find helps to decrease swelling around my eyes in the morning. Vitamin C is a multi-tasker,protecting against free radicals, providing moisture and fading out dark circles.

Lumene Vitamin C Protecting Day Cream contains an spf 15. You know how I feel about sun protection. Its a must! This is an excellent cream for all skin types. Provides moisture, hydtation and our friend, Vitamin C. The Vitamin C Nourishing Night Care Cream is rich, ideal for thirsty skin. I will liberally apply this one to not only my face but neck and chest area too, using any leftovers for my hands.

Lumene is an affordable brand that can be found at CVS pharmacy, ULTA and Target. Click here for more information.

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Living Proof No Frizz! Shampoo & Conditioner

Newly launched, Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioners uses PolyfluoroEster, a breakthrough ingredient that performs miracles on frizzy hair like mine.

See how smooth it is? This is after blowdrying but before heat styling. I'm smiling- my hair actually looks good! We could get very scientific here but let's cut to the chase. The fact of the matter is that Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner works. If you have the frizzy, yucky, out of control, split ends, gross, dry hair like mine, you will want to give these products a whirl.

I use the whole product line to style my hair. This pretty much ensures I'm going to have a good hair day and won't have to utilize one of my many hats. Newsboy, fedora, floppy, wide brim, ball cap- I have them on standby for bad hair days. Even a cowboy hat.

Living Proof products are safe for color treated hair, they don't contain sulfates that could strip color. There are no heavy oils or silicone's to weigh hair down. The Leave- In Conditioner is one of my favorites. I apply this right before I get out of the shower so it can penetrate my wet hair. Then I wrap my hair in a towel for a couple of minutes. When I'm ready to blow dry, I apply a dab of the styling spray or cream. While blow drying, the angels come out and sing as my normally disgusting hair turns into spun silk. All right, I'm exaggerating but my hair looks and feels so much better than usual!

Go on over to the Living Proof No Frizz website and see for yourself!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Debbie Rowe is pulling out all the stops for this child custody case. Here she reveals her secret weapon: the three wolf moon shirt. Everyone involved in the case better just step aside!
The power of the three wolves will never let you down.

Something is not working for me. Is it Scarlett Johansson's red lips? Too pale skin against the coppery hair? The eyeshadow? Whatever. I can't believe she's married to Ryan Reynolds.

If this is what my arms are going to look like if I continue to lift weights, I'll stop right now. Madonna has the face of a 35 year old but the arms of Mickey Rourke in the Wrestler.

Sweet hair extentions in heaven, what is the bread basket doing on Jennifer Lopez's head?

I used to think Kate Gosselin's type A, OCD, demanding behavior was atrocious but now seeing how her soon to be ex-husband is behaving, Im revamping my opinion! It wasn't Jon and Kate + 8, It was Kate plus 8 & Party Boy!

Nice. That is a classy look for you Lindsey Lohan! Can't believe she hasn't met the same fate as Mischa Barton. How do these girls keep it together with all the smoking, drinking, partying (and drugging)? I'm living on the edge when I take Nyquil Pm to sleep.

Jennifer Garner films a movie here. She looks kind of retro and cute.

Jennifer Connelly could stand to eat more carbs but goodness, those eyes against the dark hair... Love her makeup too.

Julia Roberts is filming Eat, Pray, Love and I can't wait to see how this turns out. The book was good, hopefully the screenwriters will do it justice.

All that's missing from Diane Kruger's outfit is some jelly bracelets and plastic earrings. Then she's ready for an 80's costume party!

Courteney Cox is beautiful. No one really talks about her beauty but she's flawless (and probably botoxed). Super petite in person, fine boned with crystal colored eyes, very pretty!

Not in love with the silver breastplate dress but Cate Blanchett's peachy toned makeup gets two thumbs up! And a snap.

Two of my favorite actresses, Rachel McAdams and Cameron Diaz. Let's get these two in a movie together...oh, I know, how about mine?

Anna Faris is glowing! Love the bronze eyeliner.

A Tale of Two Noses, and the saga continues...

I wanted to share this photo. I have it black and white so you don't see the bruising. I hesitated to post a picture but you have been with me on this journey so why not? I believe that plastic surgery is something people think about a lot but don't admit to it. I'm admitting it and putting it out there for the world to read. Even as a caution to research your physician before you commit.

If nothing else, I want to stress going to a great doctor, a really really great doctor. No settling. No going to someone who operates on all body parts. If you want boobs or body work, go to a surgeon who does that. If you want your nose or chin or eyes done, go to a doctor who specializes in the face. Heed my advice on this. When I had some "female issues" the local quack in town threw his hands up and offered exploratory surgery because he didn't know what else to do. I consulted my sources (Google) and found a urogynocologist at a huge medical center an hour away.

The bandages came off today, the big reveal! I nervously sat while the dr took the stitches out from under my nose, you can see the scar in the photo. I had what's called an Open Rhinoplasty. The dr cuts under the nose to lift it up much like the hood of a car, to tinker with what's underneath. In my case, it was a motley mess of scar tissue and cartilage, an old boot and a tire. No, but there was a lot of junk taking up prime real estate in my nasal cavities.

My nose and face are still quite swollen from having the surgery done not even a week ago. In a few weeks, I know the swelling will have decreased and it will start to morph into the nose I always wanted. For now, I'm thrilled my nose is without lumps or bumps, its not crooked or uneven! A small thing to be grateful for but for me, life changing.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Reader Giveaway!

Friends, I am giving away a full size bottle of the amazing, skin softening, self tanning lotion known as Booty Butter. Not only will this make your skin as smooth as a ripe peach, but it will give you a summer glow that will be the envy of all your friends, relatives, and coworkers.

All you need to do is either follow Bikini Kitchen on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook. Then send me an email with your name and address-

Winner will be announced at the end of the week!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Right up until I was in the operating room, I kept thinking, "Do I need to have this done? What am I doing?" I wondered about sending the wrong message to my kids. If you don't like your face, do you run off and get plastic surgery? Is that what I'm teaching them? Before I went to have the surgery, I sat my kids down and told them about how I made a very poor choice when I was younger. The choice to have a nose job by an inexperienced (or just a bad) doctor who ultimately cost me money, breathing troubles, and years of unhappiness. I certainly don't want to allow them to think that because they may not be perfect, they need to fix their appearance. They are perfect to me, of course.

Its kind of a slippery slope, talking about plastic surgery. Had I never gone for that first surgery, who knows if I would have ultimately had surgery at all. Just because I had a big nose with a bump, did that automatically make me ugly? Did I allow school taunts and teasing to affect me as an adult, should I have been stronger and more confident? Was it because I started reading fashion magazines when I was eleven and began dreaming of beauty, maybe subconsciously comparing myself to Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington?

Who knows what kind of mental component goes along with the desire to change ones appearance? And drastically in some cases. All I wanted was to have a slightly smaller nose.

Fourteen years ago I underwent that nose job hoping to look like a more refined version of myself. I never went in thinking I would come out as someone else. Ten years ago I needed surgery to rebuild what the first doctor did. Taking all that cartilage from my ear, he basically filleted the material over the bridge of my nose and sewed it up. Not using any finesse or structure, it ended up being a poorly executed idea. I found this out after my surgery on Wednesday. I had a build up of scar tissue and simply a real mess inside my nose.

I waited for many years, thinking and weighing my options, reading up on surgeons, trying to decide what was best for me. I visited a few different doctors. I didn't want to live with this big, uneven nose that wasn't like my original nose. I've talked about shying away from the camera, a subtle back away as someone brings out a video camera. Vacation photos where I'm missing from the shots. Rare pictures of me with my kids. Always wondering if people make judgements on me based on looks. Superficial? Ridiculous? Maybe.

I gave it lots of time before I seriously considered having revision rhinoplasty. My husband and I fought over it many time. I wondered how could he not see that I needed something done? Never mind the headaches and constantly stuffy nose. I hate fighting and will apologize just to be done with arguing but not this time. Even now, with it done and over, he's unhappy that I did it.

When I met Nadine in October and she told me about the great plastic surgeons she worked for, I took it as a sign. Sometimes I feel that things aren't meant to be unless all pieces fall into place. It just so happened that I met a fellow beauty blogger in Los Angeles who happened to work for surgeons who specialized in exactly what I needed. There happened to be an opening for surgery before my kids went back to school. The financing fell into place, a low interest rate bank loan. Everything went smoothly.

The surgery took over three hours. I was a nervous wreck beforehand. The nurse, who had been through this surgery by these very same doctors assured me everything would be fine. The doctors talked to me as I drifted off into an anesthesia induced sleep.

I really, really like the surgeons. Here is their site, make sure to read their informative blog by the way. The doctors took their time with me, answered every question, called after the surgery to make sure I was okay and checked on me the next day. Took great care of me, really couldn't have been better. The support from the office staff was top notch. I'm very grateful everything went as well as it did. The bandages come off on Tuesday and I'm hoping for nothing more than a straight, nicely structured nose that will allow me to breathe normally.

The funny thing is that Sunset Towers, where the doctors are located, houses many plastic surgeons. Roaming around you will see people in various stages of bandaging. To see a woman with a bandaged on her nose and two bruised, puffy eyes is not uncommon. No one bats an eye.

Of course, there's been swelling, bruising, feeling super tired (thanks Vicodin!), and generally feeling kind of down and lazy but that is to be expected. Since I've been through this before, I know that the swelling will continue to go down as the days progress. I've been taking pictures to document this time.

Thank you for your support and good wishes...I felt them this week.

Coming home to THIS!

My friend Joanna is the BEST. She sent me a care package of amazing Product Body items for after my surgery. That was super sweet and I was so grateful! Here I am feeling tired, swollen and gross then I receive a most lovely gift which instantly lifted my spirits!

I didn't know that creating body washes and scrubs could be a gift or talent but it is. The products are incredible and that's no lie. When a magazine contacted me for the best body scrubs, I immediately answered, "Product Body's Crush on You. Hands down, its a winner."

The texture, scent (Sexy Laundry Day is my fave), the fact its all natural...there are many things to love about it. Oh and your skin is really soft after using it.

She also sent me Road Wash, a creamy body wash in the scent of Coconut Lemongrass. Hello? I'm in heaven. I can't even put into words how delicious this is. How does she do it? Joanna is the Julia Child of body products.

The handmade soap (again, my favorite scent is Sexy Laundry Day) lathers up and leaves the skin with a whisper of fragrance. I had just a sliver left and used it on the day of my surgery so that I'd smell good. For myself, no one else was sniffing me.

And last, the Creme Fresh Body Cream in the scent of Beach House. It smells so clean and fresh and it makes me very happy that it contains these natural ingredients: sunflower oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, vitamin E.

I encourage you to take a peek at Product Body's truly unique, amazing and natural products. I'm trying to get Joanna to make a special Hello Dollface something or other...and a natural perfume in the Sexy Laundry Day scent...and maybe a shaving cream...


Klorane Dry Shampoo

I didn't want to risk getting my bandages wet after surgery so I've been depending on dry shampoo to clean my hair. This one from Klorane is in a word, awesome. I section my hair and spray this onto roots then brush it through.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo contains oat milk which soothes and comforts the scalp. Corn and rise starch absorb oil and leave hair with good volume. This has been a necessity for me during these last few days. A very quick, handy fix for hair that needs to be cleansed. Also can be used as a volumizer on dry hair. My hair is so flat and using this on the roots after I've blow dried adds some extra oomph! You only need a tiny bit and it works instantly!

Find it at and

Here is the eco-friendly Klorane Dry Shampoo which comes in a non-aerosol bottle. It still works the same way as the aerosol can, absorbing oils and cleaning hair. I like this one for spot treatment... like spraying it on in my scalp and pulling my hair into a ponytail.
Both products are super gentle and don't have any strong fragrance. Safe to use every day. What's not to love? Using dry shampoo also helps keep hair in good condition as you don't have to heat style with a blow dryer. It saves time too! If you haven't invested in a good dry shampoo yet, check out Klorane.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Final Job, A Cautionary Tale Part Three

Can you believe the numerous celebs who have gone under the knife? I don't care what anyone says, you don't lose baby fat from a nose. Check out Jessica Biel in the top left photo!

Blake Lively must have gone to a great plastic surgeon as she is absolutely stunning now. Angelina, as beautiful as she is, had a little help from the surgeons and supermodel Gisele
had her nose thinned out a bit too.

When I went in for my first rhinoplasty, I expected to remove the bandages and have the straight little nose I had always dreamed of. Imagine my dread when those bandages came off and I looked the same, but swollen. What did that doctor do, I wondered. The surgery was a cinch, I wasn’t under for very long and when I opened my eyes, I felt alert and awake. Enough to snack on cookies, drink juice , crack a few jokes and talk.

Arriving back at my apartment, a friend came over and we hung out, the whole thing was really was not a big deal. Of course it wasn’t, the doctor didn’t do much! After my check-up, maybe a month or so later, I pointed out the obvious, my nose still had the bump that I wanted gone (a few people in my life had made comments about me looking like Barbra Streisand) plus it looked the same as before. “No Problem,” he replied, “We can go in, rasp it down a little.”

This might be where all the issues began. When my nose healed, it had a dip in it- imagine a valley in the bridge of a nose. The columella (that piece between the nostrils) hung low. It was a mess. I was deeply unhappy. And that unsatisfied, low self esteem, ugly duckling feeling followed me through my wedding and move to California, new jobs and vacations, relocating back to New Jersey and having my son. Imagine being so horrified at your nose that you don't want to pose for wedding pictures or have photos taken of you holding your newborn baby. Yeah, there were pictures of course but rare is the one where I'm smiling into the camera.

As I wrote before, I was anxious to find a doctor who could fix my nose. And I did, however he was not a plastic surgeon. Just an Ear, Nose and Throat doc who did a rotation or two in plastics.
When my son was just a little tiny baby, I underwent a horrible four hour surgery to correct my deformed nose. Was it an improvement? Well, clearly I would not be here right now, the night before my surgery, writing about it if it had all gone swimmingly.

When I get an email from an old friend or reconnect with someone via Facebook who I went to school with, I hear the comment, "You look just like you did n highschool!" and that is not such a compliment if I was considered the ugliest girl in the class. maybe in the state of New Jersey! For years and years the kids-mostly boys, one in particular- teased me without mercy. I was tall and skinny and flat chested, I had braces and a headgear (which I wore to school), pale eyes and skin. I wonder if I had ignored those boys and had more self esteem if I would have gone in for the first surgery at all?

As I sit here, twelve hours away from my reconstructive plastic surgery adventure, yes, I’m nervous. But I feel comfortable with the double board certified doctors who will be performing the surgery. They’ve done this before. They know what they’re doing. I guess in a way, I do too. I just remain hopeful for a different outcome this time around.

Feet- Treat them well!

No, this isn't some weird fetishy post about feet. It's about taking care of those things that get you from place to place. I cannot stand when people wear sandals and their toes are all gnarly and skin on the heels is peeling and dry. There's no excuse. We all have two minutes after a shower to apply lotion, it doesn't take long.

If you are into organic products which I happen to love, you must get your hands on Sabon's Organic Foot Cream. Contains organic shea butter plus witch hazel which is a rockstar ingredient. Smooths plus softens skin. Whatever is left can be applied to your hands and legs. Skin can never be too hydrated or moisturized.

And take a peek at all the beautiful items Sabon offers. I found many luxurious products including skin care and beauty products on the site.

Wouldn't you love to have legs like this? These are my legs.
Just kidding.

But these are the FitFlops I have! And they are so comfortable. I wore mine all day for hours when I was walking around San Diego recently. Hours and hours on my feet and my back was fine, my feet didn't feel all blistery. And what's more, I was getting a workout as I wore my FitFlops. My thighs were firmer, buttocks tighter and I stood taller....okay not yet but with consistent use, I know this will happen!

Thanks to the creator of these flips, Marcia Kilgore (from Bliss), these multi-tasking shoes have helped with "... relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, from lower limb oedema, neuropathy, scoliosis and RLS (among other conditions)."

So if it isn't enough that the flip flops are cushiony and engineered to help legs stay in shape, they aid in the remedy of many ailments! You can wear them with anything and they come in different styles and colors so don't worry about not finding a shade to match your clothes. Before I owned a pair, I used to stop people on the street who wore the FitFlops and ask how they were- as great as they hype surrounding them? And the answer I got every time was a hearty "YES! I LOVE THEM!"

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New from CoverGirl

The Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Eyeshadow Palettes by CoverGirl are designed to take the guesswork out of chosing flattering eyeshadow colors. I've applied some very non-flattering eye shadows to my eyes over the years, prompting people to ask if Im sick. Here's a tip, stay away from yellow eye shadow unless you know what you're doing.

These four shades help you highlight your specific eye color with ease. Since I have blue-green eyes, the bronze-brown colors colors work best for me. And I appreciate the application tips from celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern on the back of each package. I love how the colors last for hours without fading.

Also check out the Exact Eyelights Brightening Eyeliner which can be applied on the insides of the lids as well as in/along the lash line. I like the fact that the soft pencil will not pull or tug along the lash line when you draw it on! More tips from Molly on the back!

Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush is such a great idea. Why not combine the creamy cheek color with Olay serum so you get a double punch of color AND anti-aging benefits? Perfect! I dab a little on each cheek, gently blend and have instantly rosy cheeks. And I love the fact that the serum contains anti-oxidants. Here's a must have product for all ages. And sometimes I apply a pinch of the blush on my lips and swipe gloss over it.

For more CoverGirl and tips from Molly, click here!

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Quick Tips with Brett Freedman

I especially love Brett's quick tip today. I am a huge fan of staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen every single day of the year. Yes, even cloudy days. Even when I'm staying home, only trekking to the mailbox for my People magazine. Today Brett talks to actress Tracey Bregman about self tanner and how to do it right, where to do it for the best results.

PS. I want that tour of her house!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Introducing Tillia Bath & Body

Tillia Bath & Body offers products that are not to be missed! With scents like Blackberry Plum, White Tea and Pink Grapefruit, you are bound to fall in love. Tillia infuses their products with botanicals and essential oils which hydrate the skin keeping it well moisturized.

I tried the Pink Grapefuit Hand Soap and Body Butter. I love delicious hand soaps like this one! This cleansing product leaves your hands soft, not dry. It lathers up into a citrusy foam that gently cleans hands.

The Pink Grapefruit Body Butter is, in a word, lush! Made with shea butter and vitamin E, this one works best applied as soon as you're out of the shower/bath while skin is still slightly damp. The Pink Grapefruit scent is divine, not overly sour like grapefruit tends to be. It might have some floral notes in there.

Check out the gorgeous labels on the products. Reminds me of old fashioned wall paper in an elegant country estate! For more on Tillia (what great gifts these make!) click here. I can't wait to see what other products Tillia introduces.


Summer Scents, Clean & Kenzo

The first thing you notice about the KenzoAmour eau de toilette florale is the gorgeous white misted glass bottle with sleek curves. The second you unleash the fragrance, you detect the essence of gardenia and rosebuds, gently blended with white musk and notes of cedar wood.

Very feminine, classy, and elegant. I notice on the dry down, a light powder scent which I've come to expect from the Kenzo perfumes.

KenzoAmour eau de toilette florale is available on the Kenzo website.

From floral to Clean!
Clean Simply Soap is as close to being freshly showered as you can get, scent-wise. This is a go-to scent for every day use whether I'm home or jetting out to Trader Joes. Simply Soap is a artful blend of orange bergamot, Polynesian frangipani, Japanese lotus blossom, Damask rose oil, sweet violet and soft musk. Sephora refers to it as a "light floral" but I think there should be a category just for the Clean scents. Maybe something like "Clean" or "Soapy" ?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Protect Your Skin and Face Everyday!

I don't leave the house without sunscreen. I've become kind of obsessive actually. I start with B. Kamins Matte Moisturizer. I don't know how I survived without products like this one before. I never wore sunscreen unless I went to the beach and forget ever applying moisturizer in the morning! I felt that my oily skin provided enough hydration. Boy, was I wrong!

B. Kamins Matte Moisturizer spf 15 is perfect for those of us blessed (or cursed) with oily skin. Its oil and fragrance free, protects skin from the harsh nasty rays of the sun, and keeps greasy skin in check, all while gently moisturizing the face. Dab this on your face and neck before applying foundation. And I've been holding on to the Therapeutic Eye Cream for a while, waiting for my surgery. I'm prepared to see slight bruising in the eye area after my reconstructive procedure this week. I'll be able to put it to the test on Wednesday!

I associate Erno Laszlo products with the old fashion glamour of Hollywood, after all Marilyn Monroe was a fan of the line! And if she loved it, then I do too! The Total Face and Body Protection Spf 30 is what I reach for in the morning, even if I'm not headed outdoors. This product contains shea butter to hydrate plus green tea extract which is an antioxidant.

I slather this on all over, paying attention to areas easily ignored like the chest, tops of hands, and feet. I wear flip flops (the cheap ones from Old Navy) every day and recently began to use sunscreen on the tops of my feet which get burned very easily! Take a look at all the awesome products Erno Laszlo offers. I want that black soap!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have a Too Faced Summer

Lash Injection PinPoint Mascara will make lashes look long and sexy. The fine bristles on the brush coat every lash and is perfect for the lower lashes. I usually coat all lashes once then backtrack and apply on the very tips in several short strokes.

See the glitter in this gloss? It's awesome. Not only does Girls Dig Pearls lip gloss make lips shiny but the shimmery glittery formula adds a whole new dimension to your pout. Wear alone, over lipstick or lip liner. When you wear something like this though, don't overdo the rest of your makeup!

Oooh, this one smells like a summer day at the beach! Lip Bronzer features two shades that come together when applied on your mouth. Warning: don't eat it. And you will want to because its delicious. I mean, it smells delicious. I like this one with bronzed cheeks (bronzing powder of course! or MAC Lustre Drops) and simply done eyes.
Too Faced not only has a fun website but their products are fabulous, flirty, and fun! Check it out here!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Jada Pinkett Smith's head looks too big for her body, much like the little girl who hosts Top Chef Masters on Bravo.

It's a sweater! It's a scarf! It's ugly! And its on Jennifer Lopez...
...on a summer day. She must be hot, all covered up in that sweater thing and tent skirt.

Kelly Ripa doing the stroll. Love the outfit.

Katherine Heigl went over to the dark side..brunette! Gerard Butler is staring at me, can you feel the tension between us? I just read the screenplay for their movie, The Ugly Truth, its going to be great!

Why oh why does Meg Ryan insist on dressing like a gay professor of women's studies at a liberal arts college in New England?

Meth face.

Coke face.
(and why doesn't she wear shoes?)

Oxycontin face.
I kid, I kid.

Tori Spelling looks great here! I watch her show every week and then I think how very boring my life would be if anyone were watching it. Snore!

Lady Gaga? Lady GAG! She looks like a psychedelic Nellie Olsen from Little House on The Prairie.

OMG alert the appears that Eva Mendes might actually consume food!

Suspenders have a place and that's on Mork from Mork n' Mindy or maybe Larry King. Drew's pants..relics from the MC Hammer collection of the 1980's?

Christina Aguilera's pants remind me of starting a new toilet paper roll, when you can't find the end and you end up shredding half the roll. Usually happens in a public restroom and I leave the stall with a roll that looks like Wolverine got tangled up in there.

If you're a young woman with an older man, you're called a Gold Digger. If you're an older woman with a younger man, you are called a Cougar. But what if you're an older man with a younger woman...what's the term for him? Right, a Viagra Hound. Oh hi there Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.

That is one big baby! Don't worry about Ashlee Simpson's purse and diaper bag, the next photo was some poor peon carrying all her junk. That's what I need, someone to hold my stuff so I can properly focus on myself.