Monday, August 31, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

When is Sarah Michelle due? I predict she's having a girl. I like her outfit but ouch! Those shoes can't be comfy!

Little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is a doll.

Not quite a doll, Paris Hilton.

I like Kristin Cavallari's dress. Very Grecian Toga.

I'm not thrilled with Jessica's ensemble. She can stand in for a BarberShop Quartet with that hat! It looks out of place against the green dress. I want defined arms but are Jessica's too much?

Kate Hudson wearing two fall trends- over the knee boots and see thru top. You won't find me wearing either. Well, not in public.

Is Rebecca Gayheart trying to make us think she's elegant and demure in that dress? Hey, we've all seen the tape (or pictures). Elegant and demure she's not!

Katherine Hiegl's face is glowing! Beautiful. But I don't get the bow in her hair?

See? I told you see-thru was a trend. And Lauren Conrad shows us just how see-thru we need to be this fall.

Gwen is adorable and so are her boys. Fear not, the nanny is standing close by. You didn't think Gwen handles her boys all on her own, did you? Kingston's hair reminds me of a unicorn mane.
Ellen Pompeo looks fantastic! She must be having a boy....girls make women look pale while boys make their moms glow. An old wives tale but it was the case with my pregnancies!
Camilla Alves and Levi. Matthew McConagheygey has the cutest family!

That looks like something coming out of Britney's nose but its the sunglasses!
Annalyne McCord and her sister. I like these girls because of their curly hair. I have wavy hair too and they make me feel like its okay not to have the trendy pin straight locks so popular in Hollywood.

I'm not crazy about the dress but Sandra Bullock looks good. And I can't believe she's forty five!

I have mixed feelings about onesies for adults. If only they came with crotch snaps. Kate Walsh does have really nice legs, doesn't she?

Jon Gosselin strikes a pose. Not attractive.

EMMYS: Rachael Ray wears a flattering shade of purple however if the dress was two inches shorter, it would be more flattering.

EMMYS: Jennie Garth looks very retro glam in this gown but what makes the look complete is her hair and makeup!
EMMYS: Tyra Banks looks like she's going to a dinner, not the Emmys. Although I love the dress and the shoes.

EMMYS: Do you think Ellen ever wants to wear a gown? Portia looks glam! But does she ever want to wear the tux?

Scenes from LA, The Daytime Emmys

As we drove downtown to the Orpheum Theater, the smoke was thick. This looked like a scene from a disaster movie.

The Orpheum, venue for this years Daytime Emmys, is old and ornate. I love the architecture inside and out.
I tried to imagine what the theater looked like back in the golden era of Hollywood.

Inside, gearing up for the event.

Outside you will find tents are in place, sound equipment and craft services set up, talent arrivals. It all happened in the back alley of the Orpheum. On a very hot day.
I love the thrill of an event. I get excited when I have the opportunity to attend something out of the ordinary. In this case, On 3 Productions invited me to cover the gifting lounge for the Daytime Emmys and I couldn't have been more excited to go!

After much deliberation, I decided to wear a comfortable yet funky cotton sundress with a chunky turquoise necklace and strappy metallic heels which gave me a blister. I heeded Brett Freedman's makeup advice about doing the cats eye and bought the liquid liner from Sephora to do it. I'm always a little nervous at these events, as if anyone is going to even look twice at me. I'm a silly girl.

The event was held at the site of the awards show, downstairs, in a private area. I needed an escort to get me inside. I don't know a lot of the daytime talent, mostly because I'm sitting at my computer not watching TV but I instantly recognized Gilles Marini when I walked in the lounge area.

Around the room were vendors, displaying their products and chatting with the talent and press.
I enjoyed meeting everyone and talking about new products, always trying to figure out how I can plan a Reader Giveaway! I'm craving the Starbucks ice cream which works hand in hand with Crunch fitness, if you get my drift.

Vendors at the event included:

ANONAME JEANS Women’s Denim jeans:
BOOKSONBOARD: the Largest Independent eBookstore

CHEWYLOU DESIGNS Clothing for Men, Women and Kids:

COBY ELECTRONICS SNAPP CAM3000 Portable Handheld Digital Camcorder and DP-240 Portable 2.4” Digital Photo Album with MP3 Playback.
CRUNCH One Year Crunch Membership:

GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGY Selection of Accessories for iPod, iPhone, Blackberry & More:

HOLLY MCCLAIN DESIGNS Custom Handcrafted Embellished Dog Collars and Matching Leads:

MARCHON Jil Sander Eyewear distributed by Marchon, Inc.

NATURE MADE SAM-E COMPLETE “Discover Your Good Mood Essentials Kit”

VERA BRADLEY Imperial Toile Large Duffle & Fall 2009 Accessories:

And Jamie Kreitman Crystals Flip Flops

A few of the celebrities who received cool gifts included Vanessa Williams, Jennie Garth, Colin Eggelsfield, Gilles Marini, Lori Loughlin, Cameron Mathison, Susan Lucci, Alex Trebek and many more!

After we finished inside, we drifted outside to the front of the theater where a commercial was filming. I saw Erik Estrada and heard one of the voices from Sesame Street. CHIPS and Elmo, brought me back to the 1980's!

A big thanks to On 3 for inviting Hello Dollface to feature the event!

Friday, August 28, 2009

MAC Colour Craft

MAC's new collection, called Colour Craft, offers a beautiful and exciting array of colorful lipsticks, lipglasses, nail polishes, mineralize skin finish, blush and eyeshadows.
As always, I appreciate the color selection and products that MAC turns out every season.

Several months ago, I fell in love with a dark green nail polish I saw in an advertisement. It's the new fall must have shade, I promise you. The other shade is a dirty lavender, Cool Reserve, which I've lusted after since the spring. The deep green, called Beyond Jealous is trendy but age appropriate for a thirty seven year old cougar like myself. Its sassy but elegant. I am going to paint my toenails with it later today.
Here's the color palette for my new wall paint...actually its an eye shadow. You have all the shades you need right here for a base, highlighting color, brow bone and liner. Mix it up. Blend them together. Get creative. The lip glosses are like lava lamps! Blobs of color and sparkle give your mouth depth of color and glitter makes lips shine. Pretty Pattern is the caramel blend and the reds/pinks are called Crazy Haute. Since they are lipglasses, they have that incredible shine we all love from MAC.

Listing of Products in the Colour Craft collection:
Madly Creative - Pink neutral with white pearl (Frost)
Ever Embellish - Plum brown with red pearl (Lustre)
Made with Love - Bright coral pink (Lustre)
Colour Crafted - Milky pink (Frost)
Trimming Talk - Bright fuschia (Frost)
Most Popular - Purple with yellow undertone (Lustre)

Pretty Pattern - Warm mid-tone beige
Crazy Haute - Blue pink
Nice Mix Up - Burnt ginger
Funky Fusion - Pink coral
Eclectic Edge - Cool violet
Miss Marble - Muted pink

Mineralize Skinfinish:
Sunny by Nature- Rich bronze with pink pearl
Cheeky Bronze - Soft golden coral wth bronze pearl
Porcelain Pink - Soft pinky coral
Triple Fusion - Left: Soft champagne gold / Center: Soft golden peach / Right: Rose pink with gold nuances
Smooth Merge - Left: Soft champange pink / Center: Deep rose / Right: Pale cool pink
Warm Blend - Left: Antique gold / Center: Mahogany Bronze / Right: Copper

Mineralize Eyeshadows:
Assemblage - White with silver pearl / Deep grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow
Odd Bits - Mid-tone silver grey / Dusty rose with gold pearl / Dark burgundy/ Peachy bronze Fashion Patch - Ice blue / Off white / Black with silver glitter / Light white pink
Eccentricity - Rich gold / Light violet / Deep plum/ Rich bronze
Natural Flare - Copper / Yellow orange / Mid-tone brown / Rich gold
Girlish Romp - Mid-tone violet / Yellow white with gold pearl / Light pastel coral / Mid-tone pink

Mineralize Blush:
Hand-Finish - Light pink with deep gold veining
Fab-dabulous - Mid-tone burnt coral with yellow gold veining
Daft Pink - Deep blue pink with light white gold veining
Improvise - Mid-tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining
Cheek & Cheerful - Mid-tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining
Style Demon - Mid-tone brick red with copper veining


Philosophy - The Supernatural

If I were to design a line of lipglosses which I hope to someday, I'd feature a color palette like these glosses above. Share the Love and Reflect A Little are both from Philosophy's line, The Supernatural.

These offer high shine, light texture, and the small size is perfect for slipping into a pocket or handbag. Whats not to love? Especially when you know the glosses contain an SPF 15 to protect the lips. The sheer colors are so beautiful. Take a look!

Look at this stunning pinky-peach shade! I can't imagine it not being flattering to anyone's complexion. Called Feel Warm All Over, it gives cheeks a touch of shimmer and sheer, warm color. Lit From Within is a natural cream blush that can be applied with your fingertips, right there on the apples of your cheeks. I dab the leftover product on my lips.

For a healthy, yet simple makeup routine, apply a lightweight foundation with an SPF, a little mascara and a touch of Lit From Within on the cheeks, a swipe or two of Superglossy and you are polished and pretty, ready to walk out the door! For more great Supernatural products, click here!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little Rachel Zoe

Last year when the The Rachel Zoe Project premiered, I wrote about it. I don't remember my exact words but it probably went on about how I've kept my finger on the pulse of Rachel Zoe since she was known as Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig. There's something about her that I admire. What is it? The big blonde hair? Well, she is from New Jersey like yours truly.

I like the fact that she doesn't give into the Hollywood peer pressure of breast implants and plastic surgery. She dresses for fashion, not to be sexy. You won't see her wearing acrylic nails, a tight shirt, skin tight pants and high wedge flip flops. She's classy like that.

I love her 60's-70's bohemian glamour - long gypsy dresses, piles of jewelry and stilettos. I understand her passion for her career, and what a glamorous career it is! Through dressing celebrities, she's become a celebrity. And she wrote a fun book about fashion that I refer to now and then when I need a little inspiration.
She's fun and funny. Rachel has been with her husband for seventeen years. You can tell she adores him which is so rare in todays world where every other person is getting a divorce. Hard work, committed relationship, lives in southern California, big hair, from New Jersey...why, we could almost be twins! Okay, maybe distant cousins.
I watch her show every week on Bravo and I thank her for letting us live in the glam, fast paced, fashion loving world of Rachel Zoe, if only for an hour every week for a few months a year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

After You by Julie Buxbaum

Let's talk about book, girls! I'm such an avid reader, when I'm not reading about writing or writing about beauty products, I'm reading novels. Last books read were A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick, Brooklyn: A Novel by Colm Toibin and some screenplay books. But before all those, I got a sneak peek at Julie Buxbaum's newest novel, After You, which is out TODAY! Congrats to Julie. I read this one quickly, completely absorbed in the story.

Where did Julie come up with the idea to write about a little girl in London who witnesses her mother's brutal death on the way to school? Stop right there. I had to take a deep breath, I can't even begin to imagine the horror. Luckily Julie's writing is sensitive and gentle so she spares us the gory details, leaving the readers in the capable hands of the main character, Ellie.

Ellie flies from Bostom to London to take care of little Sophie. She feels like she needs to be there for her slain best friends daughter, although her husband back in Boston wants her home with him. Is Ellie running away from her troubles back in the United States? Is she dependent on Sophie or the other way around? There are so many nuances in After You.

Julie is a brilliant author who guides us through a maze of emotions. Loved it. I wish I could write as well as Julie Buxbaum! (and if you haven't read her first novel, The Opposite of Love get that one too.)

While we're on the subject of books, remember more of my reviews are up on! And I've been patiently waiting on books from Lolly Winston, Lauren Weisberger, and Emily Giffin. Come on girls, get writing!

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KENZO Unidentified Fragrance Object

Is this not the coolest bottle you've ever seen for a perfume? Its beautiful. And very exclusive! Read on...

KENZO has teamed with designer Ron Arad for a new women’s fragrance, Unidentified Fragrance Object. The unique bottle, designed by Arad, is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Since each individual bottle is hand-polished, only 1000 units will be produced for the United States.

I have a sample of the fragrance next to me and it's delicious. Sophisticated, thanks to the Frankincense with Vanilla, Orange Blossom and Bulgarian Rose, its a scent for a special occasion. Unidentified Fragrance Object is borderline unisex - its not overwhelmingly sweet, its rather subtle on the drydown and those spicy notes of Frankincense stand out.

If you want to own an exclusive bottle, head over to Kenzo and put your order in!


Brett's Quick Tip!

I especially like Brett's quick-tip for today. Im always trying to get that cool, retro cats eye look with my liquid (or gel) liner. For some reason, I never end up looking like Marilyn Monroe. Brett shows us how, step by step, to get the look. He calls it Barbie, I say its more Marilyn Monroe. And the brows on the model- perfection!


Anastasia- Not Just Brows!

Lash Lifting Mascara

Line Erasing Serum

Anastasia Beverly Hills is renowned for her eyebrow shaping and a wide variety of brow pencils, stencils, tweezers, gel and everything else you can imagine for perfectly arched eyebrows. My favorite is the stencils which allows me to shape my ho-hum eyebrows into 1940's movie star arches. And are you aware that Anastasia Beverly Hills also has an amazing mascara?

The Lash Lifting Mascara instantly lifts lashes, gives them volume and a slight curl. See for yourself in the photo above. Those are my eyelashes. This mascara is a serious contender in my Mascara Hall of Fame which includes L'oreal Double Tubes and YSL mascara. One coat is all you need but of course I don't do anything in moderation so I do two. If I have the time , I apply several short coats to the very tips of the lashes for maximum volume. The mascara doesn't clump or smear and it lasts all day long. A+ mascara.

I've been using the Line Erasing Serum around my eyes and this one gets a big thumbs up too. This contains "Instalift™ Goji, and Balkan Botanical™ Infusion to improve the appearance of skin and helps reduce signs of aging." It's light in consistency but not watery and it absorbs quickly. I see a smoothing of the crows feet and a general brightening in the eye area. It comes in a bottle with a dropper applicator and I use about two-three drops per eye.
I can't wait to see what Anastasia Beverly Hills comes out with next. I'm hoping for some false eyelashes to go with the terrific mascara that I love!


Monday, August 24, 2009

What's new, Lancome?

Isn't this a pretty bottle? I dig the red, very sexy and Red Carpet-ish. I present to you, Magnifique by Lancome, which sounds best when you use a French accent. Here's the official write up from the Lancome website:

Infused with the spicy impertinence of saffron, the warmth of roses and the smoky embrace of exotic nagarmotâ wood.

This is what I would consider a grown-up, womanly scent. It makes me think of the fancy drape of a silk dress, sky-high stilettos and a Parisian city scape dotted with twinkling lights at dusk. A little of this perfume on your pulse points and you are ready for a night of romance.

*sigh* A girl can dream right?

One of my new favorite gel liners in my favorite color, deep blue. Lancome just brought out Indigo Charm, this blue featured above. I decided to take some product photos this weekend and I like the way this one turned out. Enough about me! Let's talk about the long wearing gel liner. Like I pointed out in my Bobbi Brown gel liner review, you get the best line when you use an angled brush with the gel liner.
I like to swoop it out just a smidge at the out corners for a modified cat's eye. No eye shadow necessary if you do that dramatic eye line. If you must, maybe a slightly shimmer nude color. Lots of mascara. This Ink Artliner is creamy and soft, will last for hours without fading and comes in brown, black and of course the blue. Click here for more.



If I'm out shopping, which hasn't happened in a while, and I see a cute shirt or dress that requires a Hand Wash, I promptly put it back on the rack. And in the rare situation when I do buy a hand wash only item, either I never wash it or never wear it which admittedly is gross. Well, my fear of hand washing is over. To my rescue comes a product simply called Soak.

It's not only gentle on the clothes and your hands but it's free of harmful chemicals. It's also very easy to use, one teaspoon into cool water, soak for fifteen minutes and that's it! No scrubbing. I tried the scentless formula which couldn't be any more fragrance free.

For more information, click here. My whole world just opened up and I want to go shopping for silks and hand wash only tops!


Daily Dollfaces

Teri Hatcher and her adorable daughter out for a coffee run. I really think Teri could stand to gain about fifteen pounds. Something about carrying just a couple extra lbs. would fill out her face and make her look softer and younger. I've seen her up close and in person, she's super skinny!

Love Sarah Jessica Parker's dress and t-strap shoes! But where are the twins? I guess its Matthew's turn to take care of Ethel and Wilma. Oh right, the names are Tabitha and Marion.

Lindsay Lohan started her career of with a bang! She had a steady stream of hits and was an adorable freckled faced redhead. And now...what began with a bang ends with a snort. I fear Lindsay is always drugged, every photo shows her barely looking put together. And it looks like she did something to her lips here. Implants maybe?

Renee Zellweger has an addiction of another kind: working out. I'm torn between being envious over those perfectly sculpted legs and being a tiny bit repulsed that she has more muscles than most of the men I know. Either way, girlfriend logs serious milage on her treadmill.

Even pregnant with her fourth baby and looking slightly shlumpy, Heidi Klum is still adorable. Who else is thrilled that Project Runway is back on tv? I'm excited that the format didn't change and that Tim Gunn is still encouraging the designers to make it work!

If I could only have Jennifer Aniston's hair and body, I would be a happy lady. Her maxi dress is perfect, accessories look great and her hair couldn't be any smoother.

I like Ivanka Trump because not only is she beautiful (I think she had a nose job and a boob job) but smart too. I applaud her for not going the route so many wealthy heiresses go...cough know, partying it up, getting drunk all the time and making a fool out of herself. Not Ivanka!

What looks good on Gwen Stefani would look ridiculous on me. First of all, I could never rock the red lipstick like she does. If I wore those pants, my husband would ask me where the flood was. And if I dared to wear a black bra with a white see-thru top, the other mothers at school would point and laugh or be more discreet and talk behind my back. You know how catty women can be!

Oh Drew Barrymore. So adorable yet such a fashion don't! From the tye-die leggings to the red fringe sandals to the 1980's style sunglasses, its all just a big NO.
I'm not willing to run for hours on the treadmill for Renee's legs but I might be willing to do what Sienna does for her killer games. Great body, cute dress although it needs to be hiked up a little bit to avoid a nipple slip!

This is exactly what you will find me wearing on the weekends when I'm bumming around the house. Heather Locklear has always been beautiful but lately her lips look puffy in an unnatural way, her cheeks appear to have some filler in them and I think she might be getting botox. I think growing old gracefully in Hollywood is just not an option.

I adore Diane Kruger's Red Carpet style. Here she reminds me of an Olsen twin though, the blonde one who always wears shoulder pads.